Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

If you remember playing Pacman or the Atari, you know video games have come a long way. Who would have thought back then you could immerse yourself in a game the way players are able to today? 

Both virtual reality and augmented reality are making huge strides when it comes to the gaming world. Here we will discuss the differences between the two and how they will play a part in gaming in the future. 

Virtual reality, also known as VR, can be summed up as replacing our world with a digital world. It dates back to 1960 when the first VR head-mounted device was created. This was called the Telesphere Mask, created by Morton L. Heilig. It was comparable to a 3D movie theater worn on the head. Today’s virtual reality headsets have very similar principles to one developed over 60 years ago. 

Through virtual reality, gamers are able to jump into what they are doing. One can literally feel as if they are fighting others, driving on a racetrack, or running down the street. This is accomplished by wearing a headset and utilizing a remote of some sort. 

There are different types of headsets one can pick from. Google’s Daydream View utilizes your smartphone for the display screen and a Bluetooth remote to interact with the smartphone. The PlayStation VR uses the PlayStation console. The headset has cables that are attached to the PS console.

There are also standalone headsets, such as Meta’s Quest 2. Previously called Oculus, this apparatus has its own headset with controllers. There is not a tethered computer needed, yet it still functions very nicely. 

One can have a variety of experiences when it comes to using VR headsets. Slice blocks that look like musical beats with a Saber in Beat Saber. Move in zero gravity in Lone Echo, climb cliffs around the world in The Climb, or play a round of golf in Everybody’s Golf. 

Augmented reality, or AR, is a virtual reality with a second layer. There is a real-world application to it. Many of us have used AR and have not even realized it. Perhaps you have tried a new hairstyle just using your picture online. Or decided if a piece of furniture would work for your bedroom online through a furniture store, such as IKEA. Other examples include Snapchat, Google Glass, photography and editing, Disney Coloring Book, Google ARCore, and ZapWorks.

Augmented reality is best defined by looking at a physical space that exists through a device with a camera and a screen. It is very useful in many commercial businesses. For example, Ford utilizes AR when they design their vehicles. A European grocery store, Tesco uses AR to reach out to younger customers by partnering with Disney. MTV has used augmented reality for an awards show, while Cadbury utilized it with its Advent Heroes event. 

Virtual reality and augmented reality are completely different. While with VR you need a headset and controller, with AR you might not need either. With VR, you can not see your hands but with AR you can. You can think of VR as a phony world and AR as a real world with simulated objects. 

If you love playing video games, virtual reality games may be just for you. Immerse yourself in various situations, such as riding a rollercoaster or fighting a ninja. One of the best ways to test out different VR games is to check out arcades, such as XGS VRCADE in Tampa Bay, FL  to see what all the hype is about.