Making Your Significant Other Feel Loved

If you have been with your significant other for several years, you may notice that you do not get chills anymore when they touch you or that the strange feeling in your stomach disappeared when you saw them. This happens a lot in relationships. The important thing is to remember to make your significant other feel loved at all times in the relationship. 

If you want to deepen the connection you have with your loved one, be certain to follow through with things that you say you will do. Show your partner that you are reliable and trustworthy. It can be as simple as following through on picking up a gallon of milk or the mail when you say you will. These are very small things, but they add up to a lot. 

Spending time together is another way to make your significant other feel loved. Giving your partner your full attention goes a long way. Too many individuals have their noses stuck in a phone to even give their loved ones the attention they need. Go out to eat, play a board game, go for a walk, or do something else together that you both enjoy. 

Have you heard of love language? Each person has their own love language and it is very important to figure out which one your significant other has. Figure out which one your partner has, then do things that coincide with that to make them feel loved. 

Touch goes a long way when it comes to feeling loved. Rub your partner’s back, or offer a massage them. This connects a couple because it increases oxytocin levels. You can also hold hands when you go for a walk, or give each other hugs throughout the day. 

A kiss may be all it takes to make your partner feel loved. Connect with them by gazing into their eyes before you kiss each other. This will provide a deep connection that can assist in making someone feel loved. 

Eye contact is where it is at. Your significant other will feel it, as it has its own intimacy.  When the eyes meet, it activates a feeling in the other individual’s mind. Taking the time to check in with your loved one in this simple, nonverbal gesture is an effortless method to predict the other’s ideas and requirements.

It is not uncommon for couples to have a song. If you want to make your person feel loved, when you hear the song, stop what you are doing and dance with them. This is a great way to connect through touch and is very meaningful. 

A little act of kindness is all it takes to make your loved one feel loved. These can be simple things- filling up the gas tank for your spouse, packing their favorite lunch, placing a note inside their car on your lunch break, or sending them a text saying you love them. Maybe you will offer to make dinner that night if it is their turn. Buy them their favorite candy bar, let them pick the movie that night, or watch their favorite sport with them on TV.  Or consider buying them tickets to a concert or to Florida Thunder in Tampa, FL.  Any of these things, and so much more, can brighten your significant other’s day and make them feel fantastic. Everyone deserves to feel loved.