Tips For Buying Your First Lightsaber

Tips For Buying Your First Lightsaber

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve probably thought about getting a lightsaber. The question is: Which one do you buy? That’s why we put together this handy guide to help you navigate the world of lightsabers so that your dream of having a Star Wars weapon can come true.

Pick a side.

When you think of Star Wars, what do you see?

You might imagine a mace Windu lightsaber cutting through the air, slicing up stormtroopers or other enemies. Or maybe you think of lightsabers as little more than props—like those old joke shop light-up plastic swords that were popular when you were growing up. You’ll want to remember that this isn’t just some toy: it’s a weapon. And like any weapon, its usage may be governed by certain rules and regulations.

The first thing to consider is which side of the Force you would like to join: Jedi or Sith? Depending on how strict your chosen side is about things like “no murder,” this could affect how comfortable you feel about using one in public places such as parks or grocery stores. It may also help inform your choice if there are any special requirements for owning one.

Buy the one that fits your fighting style.

When buying a lightsaber, it’s important to consider your fighting style. If you’re a Sith who prefers to wield two lightsabers at once, then you’ll want to steer clear of the single-blade design. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, sabers are available in double-bladed and single-bladed designs.

In addition to considering your fighting style when choosing your lightsaber, it’s also worth considering what kind of “force” (the energy used by Jedi and Sith) you identify with: dark side or light side? If you are drawn more towards the darkness than the light, then perhaps a red or purple saber would be right for you—but if not, then maybe going with an icy blue might be best!

Find a saber that’s versatile.

As you search for your first lightsaber, it’s important to remember that they come in many different shapes and sizes. There are two main types of sabers: 1) ones that only make sound and 2) ones that can also change color and blade length.

As a beginner, you’ll want to find a saber with more features than just making sounds. If you’re going to invest in your first lightsaber, it’s great if it has some versatility so it can be used for costumes and cosplays and just being held around the house (or office). In fact, many people enjoy having multiple lightsabers for different occasions and situations!

Decide what other features you want to have.

Next, you need to decide what other features you want to have. Lightsaber colors can range from traditional blue and green to bright orange, purple and yellow. The sound function comes in many different options; some lightsabers make a humming noise, while others make a loud clash when they meet another lightsaber. If you are using your lightsaber for cosplay purposes, then it is best to go with one of the light-up functions that will illuminate the blade at certain points during use.

The blade length also varies greatly depending on what type of saber it is intended for. Some sabers have short blades best suited for dueling, while others have longer blades ideal for fighting multiple enemies or taking down larger opponents like AT-AT Walkers from Star Wars.

Know the codes that you’re not okay with breaking.

Knowing the codes, you’re not okay with breaking is important. If something is expensive and fragile but has a unique feature that makes it worth the cost to you, then it’s probably worth buying.

If you can find a deal on something that works for your needs, then go for it! Buying new lightsabers can be expensive if you don’t know what type of saber(s) that work best for your needs.


We hope you’re now better prepared to choose the lightsaber that’s right for you. Remember that we’re here for you if you ever want our help with any of these decisions.