3 Idiots Thought After Watching The Film

“3 idiots” is an Indian Bollywood film adapted from the first novel “Five point man” by Indian best-selling author Chitan Baxter. It is directed by rakuma Hirani and starred by Amir Khan, madhavan, Salman Josh and Karina Karp. It was released in mainland China on December 8, 2011.

The film uses the method of narration to tell the University story between the three protagonists fahan, laga and rancher. Lancher is a unique college student, who openly contradicts the Dean, questions his teaching methods, and uses wisdom to break the traditional education concepts of the college. Rancher’s maverick behavior caused the dissatisfaction of the model student, chatu, nicknamed “silencer”. They agreed to fight again in ten years. However, rancher chose to leave without saying goodbye when he graduated. Click here to watch 3 Idiots online free, and you can also Watch Romance Movies Online Free.

Introduction to 3 Idiots’s Plot

Fahan, Raja and rancher are university students who sleep together. They are all studying at the famous Indian University Imperial College of technology. Fahan doesn’t really want to study industrial design. He wants to be a field photographer; Laga’s family is very poor. His family hopes that Leji can find a good job after graduation to improve the family’s economic situation; And lancher’s life has always been a mystery. The mystery will not be revealed until ten years after they graduate.

College life is always accompanied by study, examination and love. Rancher’s grades are very good and he is always at the top, and he has an extraordinary love and talent for machinery. While the other two roommates, fahan and laga, do not have such good brains. Although they study hard, they are always the students who count down. Fahan thinks about photography every day, and laga is timid every day. Sooner or later, he asks God to tell the Buddha so that he can pass the exam. In addition to his outstanding achievements, rancher is also a person who likes to enlighten others. He seems to be a prophet and a god sent from heaven. Whenever others are helpless, wrong or about to go astray, he will always appear appropriately and give appropriate guidance. Because of his strong “ability”, he offended the dean of the school, tricked the students who only memorized by rote, and got his own love.

On the eve of graduation, the Dean gave lancher the “space pen” which symbolized honor and told lancher that he was a gifted student. Upon graduation, fahan was offered a job by a Hungarian photographer, laga was hired by the company, and rancher left the school without a word. No one knows where he went.

Ten years later, the “silencer” who was tricked by rancher was found. He wanted to find rancher with laga and fahan. On the night when he was tricked, he and rancher made a bet that they would compete for “career success” ten years later. Now he has a high salary and drives Volvo, and he boasts himself as a “successful person”. So he took the “two idiots” and set out on the journey to find rancher according to a vague address. Maybe it’s more like a pilgrimage.

The journey is gradually unfolding, and they are also recalling the details of their college life. And lancher’s strange life and experience will be revealed bit by bit. The result is always unexpected. In a large school, in front of the smiling rancher, the “successful person” had to lower his arrogant head. And the girl who fell in love with rancher finally found her own happiness.

3 Idiots Review

Although “3 idiots” is a crazy comedy, the director and the screenwriter use humor and satire to explore various social problems, such as suicide, the gap between the rich and the poor, money worship, cramming education, etc. the film ridicules and criticizes through different plots. At the same time, the film does not forget to explore the meaning of life. Besides the endless laughs, there are also sincere emotions. The content includes laughter, tears, suspense and rationality.