Basic Skills Required To Be A Good Cinematographer

How To Be A Better Cinematographer: 5 Ways You Can Develop Killer " Cinematographer's Eye"

The main task of a cinematographer is to create the looks of the movie. The cinematographer is the one who is responsible for determining various factors like lighting, camera placement and colour choices for each shot. They decide on the movement of the camera, the placement of props and using of lights in the scene to set the tone and mood.

This career path requires a lot of creative thinking and understanding of what to deliver to the crowd to keep them engaged in the story and explain to them while entertaining them. The cinematographer is closely associated with the director because they are the ones who decide on the looks and feel of the film and how will it be presented to the crowd.

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Tips to become a better cinematographer

Today, many young people aspire to become a cinematographer. However, without the key skills, you will not be successful in the field. Let’s discuss what it takes to be a successful cinematographer.

1- Learn about the key skills required in the field- basic aspects like the movement of the camera, the right framing and the lighting form the basic elements of cinematography. You must get your skills honed in at least these aspects to become better at your craft. There are many ways in which you can do that.

You can read books written by successful cinematographers watch movies and take some courses on filmmaking. All these will give you an insight into the making of the film and what is expected of you. You must constantly push to become better and expand your knowledge in the field by learning new experiences and meeting new people in the field.

2- Get a degree- even though no one will demand a degree before giving you a project film, if you have taken a course in professional cinematography, then it will be beneficial for your own. Taking some courses from some reputed institute is one of the certain ways to get good at the skill of cinematography.

3- Get your equipment- you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on advanced tools. Understandably, you cannot do that at the initial stages. However, you must have the basic tools like a camera, a couple of wide-angle lenses, a zoom lens, a light meter and a tripod.


Getting good at cinematography will take a lot of effort and time,  but you have to be consistent in the learning process, which will make you better than the craft.