The Melbourne Strip Club Scene in modern times 

Times have been hard for everybody. Jobs are scarce, inflation is ridiculously high and the cost of living has been climbing in the last 2 years. Every industry and sector is experiencing these hard times and a lot of businesses have found themselves having to close shop costs more than it 2 years. Nudity and sex seem to be booming on the internet. A few years ago, an executive could ask a secretary to book a table at of the gentlemens clubs, these days executives would be careful about making such requests. It is a risk that could end up costing the person their job, tarnishing his reputation, and being humiliated by the company bill that it now has for pay because it has to be drawn from the company. In the 90s, this was perfectly normal behaviour, these days with women taking a more vocal about being exploited and telling their stories told in solidarity with the #MeToo Movement. Back in the 90s strip club owners would be notified when a high-flying executive made a reservation the club would select its best dancers and do all they could to make sure the executive had a good time. Business deals were made at gentlemens clubs and when documents had been signed, the group would enjoy the club’s entertainment. Indeed visits to a gentlemen’s club were justifiable company expenses in most industries until female executives decided to campaign against this, launched and won countless lawsuits.

Besides the waning interest from corporate clientele, adult entertainment has suffered some major knocks because of the rise in the cost of doing business and the abundance of porn on the internet. 

According to research by IBIS, strip clubs lost 12% of their profits in 2018 compared to the previous year. But that was in the US. However, this is something that has been happening across the globe. Times are tough and when searching for: strip club near me: on Google, you may find clubs that aren’t quite what they seem. There is a definite case of over-marketing for some clubs. You will find great pictures and maybe find great reviews too. However, a percentage of these strip clubs may now be defunct and no longer operational. They could have changed ownership over the years forgetting to upgrade their online profiles. Visiting such clubs can be a letdown by the level of service and the underwhelming caliber of girls who work there. A lot of strippers lament the fact that they aren’t making as much money as strippers did in the 90s. 

That is why a lot of women are turning to stripping as a side hustle to make some extra money. Things have changed in the last decades and many of the performers aren’t making as much as they used to 10 and even five years ago. It’s even harder because strip clubs try to keep the prices down in order to entice people to frequent these establishments. You will find that strip clubs are less expensive than your typical nightclubs – and they offer more. Searching for a strip club near me? You will find a lot more that differ according to taste and price. 

Back to the question of the death of the strip club industry in Melbourne strip clubs are cool whether you are a baby boomer or you belong to Generation Z. Moreover more women are turning to this as a way to supplement their incomes. The stigma attached to strippers has lessened, maybe because of pop icons who started on the pole and graduated to other forms of entertainment. Pole dancing itself has evolved and more people are learning the tricks to work it as part of their fitness regimen, etc.