Best tips for the Spotify promotions

Believe it or not, Spotify has been around since 2006! It feels like I just created my first playlist yesterday. The streaming platform offers many promotional tools to help increase your fan engagement-driven in streams and highly sought after royalties! Every artist dreams of having their music on the official Spotify playlist. It will not only introduce your music to potential new fans. But it also generates insanely large streams.

Make sure you share playlists with your music on social media and always tag Spotify in posts. You never know, who is watching! Sharing your music online is one of the best ways to Spotify Promotion. However, be smart about sharing it. We have established that your Spotify account requires substantial engagement to get the attention of prominent Spotify curators so that you may include links to your Spotify account in your social media posts.

Sharing Spotify links on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram create a Spotify player that allows music fans to listen to your music quickly – all while boosting your own streaming algorithm on Spotify.You can also integrate the ‘Follow Me’ button and Spotify player into your artist website, which allows fans to engage with your Spotify Artist Profile account without leaving your site. All of this is done by simply copying and pasting the code available in Spotify for Artists. This code works with most website builders and social media platforms.

Be sure to include Spotify links across all of your platforms – if you want to release new music and get it published, Spotify can create artists overnight. If your song is in the correct playlist, that’s why many people are desperate to get their music on display in front of Spotify curators.

Tik Tok is a fast-growing social media platform, especially with the young population with current popularity. It seems silly not to indulge in potential involvement. Like Instagram, Tik Tok lets you embed music from Spotify in your posts. Maybe it’s worth reaching out to a few friends who use the platform to ask them to include your music in their videos. You never know; their Tik Tok can go viral and take your music with you.

Providing your music for more monthly listeners and reaching more professionals in the music industry has become an essential strategy for running promotional campaigns for artists. With so many opportunities to promote your music and Spotify account, there’s no reason you can’t reach a larger audience every day. Getting help with music promotion services can help. Get in touch with our promotion team, who have many years of experience and can give you all the advice you need to advance your career and boost your Spotify!

My final advice is: don’t rush your Music Promotion on Spotify. Take your time to plan every move, every post. Use Facebook’s scheduler to schedule posts a month’s worth in advance. Each show has a link to your Spotify account; plan smart and creative ways to engage with your fans. To boost your Spotify engagement, stand out from the crowd!