6 Things to Never Miss when in Montreal

There may be a lot of things to do in Montreal, but if you don’t have a lot of time, let this guide, guide you. So, if you want to check the main sites and have fun, this is a place to be. Check out these world famous spots in Montreal, make the most of the experience and thank us later.

  1. Visit the Mont-Royal

The best place to begin at. It is a walk to remember, free of charge and catch the amazing views of downtown Montreal from Belvedere observatory. If you are a morning person, catch the sunrise from Mont-Royal to make the most of the experience.

  1. Food tours are the best

Montreal is deemed a foodie city. Sure, the food may be greasy, but there is a lot more to that. You can also plan a night out and visit Brutopia which is one of the most famous live music bar situated in Montreal. There are many more eateries to spend your time at. It is claimed that this place has more restaurants per capita than the NYC!

  1. Stroll at St. Paul Street

Old Montreal is loaded with so many places to explore, but if you have less time on your hands, then have a stroll at St. Paul Street to make the most of the European atmosphere of Montreal. You will also find a plethora of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and art galleries to enjoy. As Montreal is a cheap city to stay and travel in, its prices also render it a super touristy spot.

  1. Visit the local markets

It is an amazing way to communicate with the locals and try new things. If you love visiting markets, then, you should definitely visit one of them. Also keep your souvenir money safe for the market and spend them on local preserves, ice wines, and ciders and of course, maple products.

  1. Don’t miss Basilica Notre Dame

If you are religious, do not miss the Notre Dame Basilica by any means. It is one of the finest with the most adorned gothic interiors in the world and it also has the most picturesque chapel at the back.

  1. Walk at Plateau Mont-Royal

The best way to explore this spot is by strolling around, relishing the architecture, browsing the local shops and spend hours in any café.

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