The guitar is a beautiful instrument and its music sure is a melody to the ears. Learning a guitar isn’t just about learning an instrument. There are so many other benefits attached to it.

We’ll be listing a few reasons why you should gift yourself a guitar lesson.


A guitar lesson ensures that you become a maestro at it. This boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel good about yourself. Once you have learned the art, you’d want to display it, maybe in front of family or friends, or just post it online. All of this, in turn, builds your confidence and free you from your own fear of failure which sometimes holds you back.

Learning a guitar is all about using the instrument and inventing new tunes. It tickles your brain and makes you want to use those cords in innovative and creative ways. We all have creativity inbuild into our systems, a guitar lesson just reconnects us with our ability to create.


We all turn to music whenever we wish to just blow off some steam or we have had a bad day. Music is a natural soother. Playing guitar has a calming effect on our body and mind. It releases endorphins or the feel-good chemicals in our body which makes us feel better and help us relieve stress.


As absurd as it may sound but evidence suggests that playing guitar, or in this case, any instrument, can help you have a better memory and foster cognitive development. Research showed that the more years a person spent playing an instrument, the better they performed on tests such as word recall, nonverbal memory, and cognitive flexibility. So, if you think you have a bad memory, you know what to do.


Playing guitar requires you to make quick movements of the fingers, hands, and arms. Your fretting and picking hands will be playing different types of movements at the same time. This requires highly developed hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Learning a guitar causes the part of the brain that controls motor skills to grow and become more active.


The reasons listed above indicate how learning a guitar isn’t just about humming a tune. It is much more than that. From being a great stress reliever to being ear candy, a guitar can truly be a versatile instrument. It doesn’t matter if you are forty or four learning to play guitar will foster development at any age.

In today’s fast-moving world, it is impossible to take out time for your own self, a guitar lesson, however, forces you to take out that much needed time and a break from your monotonous working schedule.

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