Top 4 Cocktail Drinks That Are A Must Try

The cocktail has turned out to be a blessing for mankind. From the time it was first invented to date, we have been gifted with just more and more new drinks by the talented hire a mixologist in London out there. A bartender from a small old bar somewhere in the country can also make and come up with an amazing drink that should be shared and served at every bar. However, you cannot forget the foundation and where it all began. All we are saying is, it is important that you try the good old cocktail drinks. 

So here are the top 4 cocktail drinks everyone must try:

  • Martini- One simply cannot talk about cocktails without involving Martini, it is an essential drink. Though everyone likes their Martini personalized according to their own taste, the original recipe involves either Gin or Vodka, with good and well-cared vermouth. Now it is a debate whether shaken or stirred, but deep down we all know stirred is the rule! With a garnish of lemon or olive, your good old martini is ready.
  • Manhattan- What can be more classic than a Whiskey and sweet vermouth? Though many prefer rye since its spicier, bourbon is the original choice. Just make sure to pick a whiskey worth the vermouth. To make it more interesting, you can go for your own choice of new bitters. You must try a Manhattan at least once in your lifetime.
  • Gin and Tonic- This is the best British drink anyone can ask for. Just two ingredients, Gin and Tonic with few slices of citrus. It is as simple as that! The simplicity of the ingredients and their right proportions is very critical. The flavors of juniper mixed with the bubbly tonic is what make this drink so special and favorite among many drinkers.
  • Old Fashioned- The most common thing about most of the cocktails are the fruits or citrus slices used in the drink or as a garnish. But this is what makes Old Fashioned different from all cocktail drinks out there. A little sugar, good whiskey of your choice, and just the spice of bitters, and you are done. A nice and neat Old Fashioned is ready for you to taste.

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