Upcoming shows on ALTBalaji

Shows sirf teen chizon par chalte hai. Entertainment. Entertainment. Aur entertainment.  Toh batao. On the scale of one to ten, how excited are you for the daily dose of entertainment on ALTBalaji? A loud and clear ten, you say? Hell, yes! The makers are all set to leave you at the edge of your seat with some of the amusing storylines.

Here’s a glimpse of what ALTBalaji has in the store for you:

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Enter at your own risk!

  1. LDS- Love Scandal & Doctors

Inka case tha kaafi simple. Whether or not the five interns of Delhi’s Premier Hospital, KMRC have killed their patient. Par jab aapko lage aap sach ke kareeb ho utne mein hi case aapko ulajhta nazar aaega. Don’t worry. ALTBalaji’s LSD web series will make Asif’s murder mystery a lot simpler for you with a little help from Inspector Tavish. Watch him catch hold of the culprit and unlock the masterplan in LSD- Love Scandal & Doctors.

  1. Crashh

Apne family se juda hone kisisko nahi pasand. Par ye chaaro ke pass koi aur option nahi tha. Separated at a young age, Rahim, Alia, Kajal and Kabir live apart from each other after the death of their parents. The four siblings walk different paths without the knowledge of each other’s existence. How sad is that! Wait until you watch their story of separation, love, pain, and reunion in ALTBalaji’s Crashh web series.

  1. Bekaaboo Season 2

Look who’s back, guys! Remember Kiyan and Kashti from Bekaaboo. You do, don’t you? Well, the duo is back to take you on their spine-chilling journey once again in the second season. The brand new series, Bekaaboo 2 is a game of deception, murder, betrayal, and hate. This time around, ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo Season 2 web series is most definitely twice the mirch, masala, oomph, and pagalpan.

  1. The Married Woman

Brace yourself as ALTBalaji’s The Married Woman web series is a show that rises above everything. Caste. Religion. Social norms. Adapted from Manju Kapur’s novel, the series is a story of two fierce and beautiful, Peeplika Khan and Astha Kalra who break all the barriers. It is their battle to discover themselves, find love, and help each other grow.

ALTBalaji is ready to make you feel joy, love, happiness, pain, shock, and everything in between with their new shows. Get ready to catch the drama on your screens with an affordable subscription package of your choice. Happy binge-watching, everybody!

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