Argentine Tango to Cultivate Mental and Spiritual Well Being

Argentine Tango [AT] challenges your brain with elements, patterns, and structures. It makes dancers aware of their body state as you seek an ideal movement. It is a constant quest for awakening your self-image to become more desirable and more masculine or feminine. There are social features like community, relationships, friendships, and mentorships as well as physical contact like an embrace, moment sharing, giving, and receiving.

Mental exercise

When you attain a specific dance level, you start thinking about movement. It is your imagination, which can also be called mental exercise. You analyze the movement mentally in your imagination and can easily detect, where you are going wrong. You are aware of what happens next walking through the movements in thoughts and modifying them if necessary….it means finding yourself talking tango!

Embrace – a sign of affection

Human touch is like bonding. Tango needs to dance in an embrace. Holding a partner in your arm indicates affection. This is the main trait of AT dancing. Embrace unites dancers in a movement, where feeling and sensations of one partner are considered by the other, which transforms into ‘ours’

Carpe diem

Must Love Tango * (Or be willing to learn) | by Marcy Goldman | P.S. I Love  You

Tango is a spontaneous dance form, where moves are created based on the music. Therefore, communication with your partner becomes too crucial. To capture the beautiful moment in rhythm and highlight it with the body movement of your partner like a leg swinging high in high boleo as the band’s music reaches a finale is an art.

It is not just the moves and elements that make tango dance feel right but the music also carries dancers across the dance floor and swing in the air. Dancers can dance to plenty of nuances because tango does not have any repetitive patterns. The dancers are free to interpret what they hear and feel. With every leader, it can be different.

Walking meditation

Meditation allows meditators to clear their mind and concentrate on high energy. However, it is a boring activity for some as they are not in an ideal state of mind. Tango helps to attain that high state effortlessly. A leader only has music and a partner that guides. In the same way, a follower only has music and a partner that guides. Therefore, you can say tango is a walking meditation, where your mental concentration is exhausting as well as exhilarating.

Dancing and spirituality

To dance AT, you need to maintain mindfulness and alertness. The moment a partner strays away from alertness into thoughts, the connection with the other partner is broken. It feels like falling on the ground with a thud! While dancing the tango, people tap in deep patterns and associate to vital energies in the atmosphere. This is the main reason that many spiritual traditions have a specific dance form.

Tango teaches consistency, striving, commitment, and moving forward. Tango is meditative as it helps to create mental connections among partners, even if they are strangers. Let your fear of tango dancing difficulty go away as you join the Ultimate Tango online classes!

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