A Classic Album by Fuze the MC “This Really Happened 2”

The word “timeless” is often sprayed freely, so much to make sure that it has commonly shed its meaning. Nevertheless, it appears as though we are at a cataclysmic shift as we shifted to a post-pandemic time now, but are still economically hurt, and the Russian-Ukraine war. Fuze the MC’s new project “This Really Happened 2” and “I Feel Like We Lit” has verses, beats, and A-List looks.

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Fuze the MC gets back with two more tracks filled with heat to get into our hearts. His poetic metaphors contrasting the tech market to the streets are triumphant, as well as poignant. This Atlanta local has directed the Outkast audios of “Morris Brown” and the roaring braggadocio of T.I for a banger that’s as vivid as it is energized. His new task; This Truly Happened 2, coming November 11th is most definitely one we’re eagerly anticipating.

Together with hearing the most recent track, “I Feel Like We Lit,” you can also check out the creative accompanying video for the song too online on any of the streaming platforms. The cutting-edge strategy obscures the line between fact, as well as animation as it takes on a flipbook series, as well as computer animation tactics with a range of various artistic influences. Be sure to keep your eyes on his socials, and here for information on what the multi-talented and trailblazing Hip Hop artist has in store for us next.

Fuze the Mc makes use of the intricate expert system to weave a legendary anthem for the “I Seem like We Lit” music video. The animator and songwriter from Atlanta, poetically weaves thousands of complex arts assemble. It ideally could be called rotoscoping with thousands of paintings the results are genuinely mind-boggling. Fuze The Mc, once again, showing to be a technology innovator in the innovative rap room. The tune is the solitary off of his new coming album This Really Taken place 2. Going down 11/11/22 on streaming solutions everywhere.

After the release of the great music Fuze the MC provided to music lovers earlier, like “Pressure – Single” in 2022; “This Really Happened” in 2020; “Lance is a Genius” in 2016; and “Boom Boom Clap,” he is bringing another genius music on 11/11/2022. “It Really Happened 2,” and I Feel Like We Lit,” will be available across every online primary streaming music platform.