These 3 Bali Volcanoes You Must Climb, So Exciting!

Climbing a volcano might not be an activity in Bali, with so many white-sand beaches waiting to be swum in, and just waiting to be placed. But if you’re planning to visit Bali for a reasonable time, or if you stay in Bali and have discovered each beach on the island (that’s an impressive accomplishment, anyway), it is worth it to climb any volcano here.

However, before you rise in the crack of dawn and put on your trekking shoes, there are a few things you should know — like whether the volcano you are climbing matches your fitness level or the time you are eager to spend trekking.

Here are some tips on what Bali volcanoes when you are tackling highland you may wish to look at getting your trek on, based on how quickly you get out of breath or your tolerance level for leg-soreness.


Gunung Batur is probably the most “most climbed by tourist place” in Bali. It doesn’t take too much time to reach the summit while the trek is not a walk in the park. Climbers have reported a rising period of one and a half a day to two and a half an hour, which is doable for beginner climbers.

Mt. Batur is an active volcano and has the biggest crater-lake in Bali. The hike is off terrain and road trails. While the trek can not precisely be carried out in reverse flops, experienced climbers have remarked that the landscapes are not too challenging. Local rules require you to climb with a guide (it is possible to try going with you, but you’ll likely receive aggressively harassed at the foot of this mountain by the Association of Mt. Batur Trekking Guides).

You have to wake up at the ungodly hour of 2 am to have picked up, then you start the trek about 4 am. With the sunrise view and a breakfast that includes cooked eggs, you’ll be rewarded at the top of the climb. Stated that the look of the sunrise is rewarding; however, they thought that getting up at 2 am was something they’ll likely only do after.


For the trekking enthusiasts and mountain climbers–Gunung Agung won’t disappoint. Those who shiver at the thought of running five km will not like this trek.

Mt. Agung is Bali’s highest purpose, a stratovolcano standing in 3,031 meters–meaning that the trek up there’s definitely for the fit among us. The routes are also a whole lot more difficult to follow compared to Mt. Batur. Therefore choosing a guide is recommended (even for experienced climbers, otherwise you may wind up like these bad naive tourists ).

There are three main routes to scale up to the summit.

From Besakih, it is all about a six to seven-hour ascent to the summit (using the final hour becoming the hardest). From Pura Pasar Agung, it’s a three- to four-hour scale, which begins as a dip through the dusty, thick forest, before transitioning to a very long climb over rocks and boulders. Afterwards, moving on to the toughest part, a very steep ascent to the top using no anchors or ropes (and may or may not involve walking over solidified lava). The next route, starting from Duku Bujangga Sakti, is at least used (but also the toughest ) path, with the choice of biking at 1700 meters for those who wish to break to keep energy. This course allows you to circle the rim of this crater.


The Bratan Caldera is situated at the shore of Bali and is a beautiful area with a botanical garden, waterfall, and lakes.

Mt. Catur is your summit you would like to scale up to (we have been told it is the one with all the most stunning views). Contrary to Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung, this volcano is dead so that you won’t have the ability to eat lava-rock boiled eggs in the summit. The increase is roughly 3 hours during the journey in addition to various shrines with scenic landscapes and stays of sites where the Dutch used for their weekend. At the top, you will witness a temple and the view of Lake Bratan along with its surroundings.

While the durability of this hike no way compares to Mt. Agung, if fitness is below-average, you may want to do some endurance instruction before attempting this climb.

Whenever you will be travelling in Bali, let the Balinese spirit in: chill out, breathe, and enjoy the ride. Explore Bali more and visit Wonderful Indonesia.

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