Get Churned Up by the Best Motivation

Does it sometimes seem like nothing comes off? Then this tip is definitely important to you. Work undisturbed for 5 minutes and task to be carried out continuously. You will notice that you have suddenly completed the task or are at least on the right track.

Fool your brain

Do you mind? Get up and walk through the office with a big smile. Have a chat and in no time you will regain focus.

Reach your sweet spot

Although easy tasks often seem to go faster, it is the difficult tasks in which you and your skills really come into their own. Do not delay these tasks, but use them to get into the flow. Everything goes even easier after that.

Surround yourself with the right tools

Searching for your stuff or not having the right stuff is a real productivity killer. And is a danger to your focus. Before you know it you have found something else interesting. Make sure that the right tools you need to perform your task are also available at your grasp.

Use inspiring quotes

Sounds a bit dull, but it works. Hang quotes at your desk that inspire you.

Listen to your favorite music

Playing your favorite tunes motivates, improves your mood and blocks distractions. A good way to motivate yourself for your work.

Embrace imperfection

Stop being the perfectionist. You impose a standard that is and remains unfeasible. Just get started. Learn from your work instead of procrastinating and thinking about it.

Keep an eye on your goal

And not your work goal, but your life goals. A nice holiday, a new car, a great house. Think about this if you can’t find motivation. Then you remember what you are doing it for. Take the good luck messages and wish them to yourself.

Help others

This is good for your confidence. You help others with your knowledge and you see for yourself what you are capable of. If anything motivates, it is practice.

Do not force

Motivation comes and goes. Is it gone for a while? Take a short break. Go for a walk. Get a cup of coffee. Just read something. Talk to your colleague. Let your subconscious come to a fresh load of motivation while you relax.

# 11. Evaluate your process

Sometimes motivation is not the problem at all. If you often get stuck with a certain task, then the way you do it may not be the best way. Evaluate your steps. If necessary, discuss it with a colleague or a friend and they may have a good tip. Often the solution is there for the taking.

# 12. Think of yourself as a winner

Think about the last time you won something, or completed a task completely, received a prize for your work. You will get a flow of dopamine through your body, which will motivate you to perform your current task.

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