5 hats in movies that became a significant element of their character

Many classic movie characters are instantly recognizable thanks to their headpieces; in fact, some of these hats are even more famous than the person who wore them! Very often while watching a movie or a TV series, our brain creates associations between the characters and the distinctive elements of their image. This is why costume designers play a far more important role than we realize. In this case, let’s take a look at 5 iconic hats in cinema that suited their character so perfectly that they became inseparable from them:

Fedora in the “Indiana Jones” franchise

In 1981, after the first movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was released, Harrison Ford’s fedora hat became an essential part of the personality of his character, the archeologist Indiana Jones. Indiana’s fedora is a high-crowned and wide-brimmed hat that he wore in all of the movies. During his adventures, the hat not only protected him from the natural elements, but also made him look more charismatic and memorable.  Following the success of the movies, the fedora became one of, if not the most recognizable hat in cinema, and had a major impact on later films and costumes.

The flat cap in “Peaky Blinders”

In the show “Peaky Blinders”, the main character Thomas Shelby’s flat cap, also known as a Newsboy or an Irish flat cap became a signature feature of his style, giving him his famous enigmatic, powerful, and mysterious look.  Flat caps play an important part in the series for a good reason: first of all, the hidden blades within the brim help the characters attack their enemies while fighting other gangs. As a result, even as the Peaky Blinders grew in power and wealth, they continued to wear flat caps as a token of their humble beginnings and closeness to the poor.  These garments are very popular even nowadays, and men all over the world wear them both with a three pieces suit for a vintage, Shelby-inspired look, and with casual clothes for a modern outfit. If you are a fan of Peaky Blinders and are happening to be looking for such a headpiece, go online at flat caps stores such as where you can find a wide range of Irish flat caps.

Mad Hatter’s hat in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

This one is pretty self-explanatory! Regardless of the movie and the year it was released in the Mad Hatter’s hat has always been an iconic headpiece. A fun fact about it is that in neither “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” nor in “Through the Looking Glass,” Lewis Carol described the hat or even mentioned the style it was in, so the first illustrators of the books, and later the movie directors, had to come up with the most appropriate design that would suit Mad Hatter’s persona. For the signature Mad Hatter’s top hat we should thank John Tenniel, as he was the artist who created the illustrations for the first edition of the novel. He clearly did a fantastic job, for this hat is now one of the most well-known and iconic in the entire film industry, as well as a major source of inspiration for other films and shows, such as “Once Upon a Time.”

Deerstalker hat in the “Sherlock Holmes” movies

The deerstalker hat, as the names suggest, is a type of hat worn while hunting, especially deer stalking. It became especially popular after it started being associated with Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective, and became a unique element of his identity. Just like the Mad Hatter’s hat, the deerstalker cap has never been mentioned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in any of the books, and it was the illustrator who added this element to the detective’s appearance. In fact, it is believed that a highly educated man like Sherlock Holmes who cared a lot about his public image would never wear a hat related to rural activities while investigating crimes and doing other things outside of the countryside. Soon enough, it became the distinctive headpiece of all other detectives, especially when they were portrayed in comics and cartoons. Over time, the deerstalker hat has always been present in Sherlock Holmes movies, whether played by Basil Rathbone, Peter Cushing, or Benedict Cumberbatch.

 Rose’s giant hat in “Titanic”

Kate Winslet’s hat in “Titanic” is undoubtedly not only one of the most iconic, but also one of the biggest and most glamorous headpieces in cinema history. When we first see Rose, Winslet’s character, we can’t help but notice her amazing wide-brimmed hat with a huge bow, which not only protects her from the sun but also suggests her high social status. For that, we have to thank the costume designer, Deborah Lynn Scott, as she was the one who studied the fashion of the Edwardian era and created the beautiful details of Rose’s outfit. Her efforts did not go in vain: after the unbelievable success of the movie, in 1998 Deborah won an Oscar for Best Costume Design.

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