What to give to a wedding?

Nowadays thinking about what to give at a wedding is a difficult task. And although we still see the trend of raining envelopes, many guests consider this detail somewhat cold and therefore take a risk with wedding gifts.

Although many of the bride and groom who are about to get married are betting on a personalized wedding gift list with an endless number of products and services, from which you can choose according to the value you want, others will be thrilled to receive an original and very different wedding gift that will surprise them. And here we present you with some of the best ideas for wedding gifts.

First: gift list or money?

The final choice between a shower of envelopes or a gift list will only depend on the bride and groom and why they have to opt for one or the other. If they choose a gift list, the bride and groom will be able to include those objects they want, without the possibility of making a mistake; however, if there is no gift list, the range of options is extended and will depend on what you want to invest in the gift for the bride and groom. 

Giving the bride and groom gifts for the home always works, since the next step after the wedding is to start a new phase as newlyweds, sharing the same space. Therefore, they will need to supply their new home with articles and items they will not need for their daily tasks.

It is essential for the decorative elements that you know the bride and groom’s tastes and thus knows which items fit their personality and style. The range is quite extensive, so you have a lot to look at, detail, and compare to choose the perfect decorative item for your home.

Appliances will always be necessary for couple and family life, so if the bride and groom are going to live together, these appliances will make life in their home more comfortable. And the best thing is that the devices, besides being innovative, come in luxury presentations where their aesthetics harmonize the house’s style.

Although it is not used later in boyfriends’ gifts, without a doubt, household goods are an essential aspect of the married life. We can classify household goods as tableware, including all the items used at the table: crockery, cutlery, jars, and all the glass implements; and kitchenware, everything used for preparation, such as pots, pans, coffee makers. 

Wedding services

One of the highest investments that are usually made is in music for the wedding. If you or a group of friends save that expense for the couple that invited you to the wedding, they will love you forever. Well, that also depends on the type of musician you get. We recommend that you look for a quality company that can take care of the music from the ceremony, through something soft for the cocktail and until the party ends, with the best musical proposals.

Surprising the bride and groom with shooting will be something they will never forget. You can contact the wedding photographer to coordinate the surprise and give the bride and groom the pre-wedding session, the post-wedding session, or the report during the wedding, in the ceremony and celebration. A beautiful detail that will reinforce the affection you feel for the bride and groom.

Emotional gifts

Yes, indeed, the bride and groom have already hired a person to take care of the wedding photographs. But, for sure, they will love this idea. You can arm yourself with a digital or instant camera and ask the other guests to write congratulatory messages, take some pictures of the bride and groom during the ceremony and put together a view master album with stickers and further details that will make them fall in love with your gift.

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