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In the early years when gramophones and radio were the best friends of people music were mostly found in CDs, records, cassette tapes and radio stations. People had a far better and vast taste in music in all languages. The essence of music and lyrics were soaked by the listeners to its core. Tamil songs download provides various ways to have our favourite songs with us anywhere at any point of the day.

Growth details of Tamil music

The two most prominent contributions of South India to the world ocean of knowledge are Tamil literature and Carnatic music. Both these fields are primordial, exquisite and provide satisfaction to an intellectual and emotional level for millions of people.

In Tamil literature, the first detailed information on music, can be found in Silappathikaaram in the mid of 5th Century AD. A Jain Monk had written a master piece known as Ilango Adigal. In this era itself, the Tamil literature blossomed into distinct three divisions – Mutthamizh, namely Iyal which is also known as the Prose/Poetry, Isai which is Music and Natakam which represents Stage/Drama.

The music and dance and Tamil songs download

The core of today’s Carnatic music is very clearly evident in the music and dance forms intricately in the literature of 5th Century AD. It of course has a separate taxonomy. The apparatus based on Ragams (Pann) with an eccentric ascending and descending scales and Saptha Swaras (Ezu padham) were in its position priorly. Mahaakavi Subramania Bharathi, who fully conforms to the complexity of the rules of grammar of the language, lived in early 20th century had successfully composed several songs expressing patriotism and devotion for the alma mater in simple Tamil.

These songs are now having a rendered version of its own which is nowadays sung in Carnatic concerts. There have come composers in the later part of existence, whose ultimate goal was the content of the musical compositions. The value of these creations to Tamil music is beyond dispute, but mighty be difficult for the experts to tackle them as a part and parcel of Tamil literature.

Evolutionary movement

All music forms that exist in this biosphere has portrayed immense evolution with the use of Internet. The instruments, rhythm, meter, lyrics, composition that helps create a song also need a musician to make it whole. These, with time and patience have also evolved. New singers have brought in a new sense of musical creation. Their creativity lies in their palms. The magical internet has led to the spread of music all over the planet whatever be the language. From French to Tamil, Arabic to Bengali all language forms have been easi9 accessible with its assistance. Several websites are available for Tamil songs download.

Tamil songs download option leads us to the portal of which is a remarkable website providing us a complete solution for any song we are looking for be it from a movie in the 80’s or from this time zone.

Conclusive study

A huge amount of research work is required to bring out the true essence of Tamil music that history has to provide for us to know about it completely. Every details provided is just an outline to an ocean of knowledge regarding Tamil culture and how various aspects of it coexist in the world.

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