‘Insomnia’ By Oh Well Is An Adrenaline Rush

The latest music video by Oh Well is creative work that suits your mood. The title automatically suggests what the song is all about and impacts those who are facing the problem related to insomnia. ‘Insomnia’ is not just a title; it’s a problem discussed lyrically. In one song only, you will find fantastic dance sounds, artist vocal chant, and anthemic chord progression. The heart-touching voice of the artist depicts the depth and gravity that will soothe your ears. Witness both agitation and frustration at the same time in one song. Well, you can say that it will increase the listener’s adrenaline.

The frustration here we are talking about is related to the struggle that he is facing at the time of sleep. There will be evocative soundscape, hypnotic voices that perfectly fits the scenario of mood. The rhythmic development, no doubt, has variations and repetitions. Thus, it creates a catatonic atmosphere around you.

Talking about the visual presentation, there will be a girl getting insomniac and live endless sleepless nights while gazing at the stars. This problem is really hampering many lives, therefore Oh Well decides to focus on it and describe his emotion lyrically by creating musical charisma.

The music sound is quite appealing and in rhythm. Experience a dash of overwhelming liveliness. He has beautifully remixed the chords so that the listeners remain hooked to the music, and their ears love this song again and again.

If you don’t know Oh Well, he is an artist who works on progressive EDM project usually based in Chicago, Illinois. The latest album, EP ‘Insomnia,’ surely has a gripping music video. It has strikingly captured the anxiety and frustration from which that girl is going through at night. Uncertainly, ‘Insomnia’ is available on all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and others. Do follow Oh Well on Instagram if you like his music and want to get updates on a new release.

Believe it! Once you listen to this song, you will never skip his other songs in the future as well. It will be going to touch your heart.

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