Throw The Best Hens Party In The Gold Coast With These Great Ideas

A Hens, or bachelorette, party is held to celebrate brides-to-be. This pre-wedding celebration is a fun combination of the leading lady’s closest loved ones, food, drinks, games, and spoiling her rotten! These all-female festivities are kept secret from the bride-to-be, letting her focus on the wedding itself. A hens party is planned and organised by the maid of honour and braids maids. Treat her to a stunning afternoon tea or even a night out on the town! The best part is – NO BOYS ALLOWED! So, grab that bride-to-be sash and start planning.

Putting together such a special day for someone else can be a lot of pressure. You want her to remember this forever. So, let’s go through a couple of ideas to make this day unforgettable!

Provide Photo Props

Get your creative juices flowing, gather up the bridesmaids, and DIY some fun props to use for photos. You can create cheeky speech bubbles and even buy cheap handcuffs, wigs, dress-up accessories, and feather boas. Some ideas for speech bubbles include “I’m taken,” “bride-to-be,” “I came for the cake,” “team bride,” “she said yes,” “not drunk enough,” and “girls just wanna have fun”. So, think outside the box and use them to spice up photos from the night for her Instagram.

All About Her

This is the only day throughout the wedding festivities that is purely all about the bride-to-be – and no one else! So, do you best to make her stand out from the rest and make her feel special. For the classier bride-to-be, you could use fake tiaras and “bride-to-be” or “getting hitched” sashes. Spice it up for the more wild woman with a tutu, funny signs hanging around her neck, and even handcuffs or a ball and chain! Some prefer a more laid back, sophisticated day, while others like to party in style.

Test Your Trivia

How well do you babes know your bride-to-be? It’s time to find out! Games are a very traditional element of any hens party – and a great way to spice things up a bit. Work with the bridesmaids before the event to create a list of questions all about the lady of the hour. What is her favourite drink? How did she meet her man? Divide the ladies into mixed teams so everyone gets a chance to mingle. Then, stand up and start asking questions! Your bride-to-be can set the record straight after every turn.

Never Have I Ever

This is a classic drinking game at hens party, leaving the girls giddy and giggling. Each girl must have a drink. But, for those who don’t drink – don’t worry! This cheeky game can be fun with or without alcohol. The idea is to call out scenarios to see which girls have been there or done that. As you can imagine, this game can get quite interesting. Going through the group clockwise, each girl will start with “never have I ever…” and mention a scenario. For example, “never have I ever given a lap dance.” All the girls who HAVE been there must drink. All the girls who haven’t must not. This can be a very interesting conversation starter.

The Perfect Venue

This day is all about the bride-to-be. So, make sure to keep all her favourite things in mind when choosing a venue. There’s no point taking her to the beach if she doesn’t like being in the sun covered in sand. Maybe she’d prefer a quiet afternoon tea or a night at the cinema. But, traditionally hens parties Gold Coast are just that – a party! Celebrating the end of her single days, brides-to-be often want to go down partying. Consider choosing a venue where everyone can dress up and get down. But, you don’t want to take an almost-married woman to a night club. You want the perfect combination of music, dancing, drinks, food, and fun!

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