Code M Original Series at ZEE5 Exclusive

Code M is revealing the uncovered truth of the army lawyer about the militants.

Code M is a successful web series streaming on the famous OTT platform ZEE5 Original from jan15, 2020. The concept of the Code M is about the two normal citizens who are killed in an encounter series by the militants branding that they are terrorists. The civilians fired herself to claim justice for their son’s death, this incident happens in the Rajasthan, India -Pakistan border. This case is investigated by the Monica Mehra who is an army lawyer brought into a clean relevance about the concept. this translation of the case by the Monica who interestingly describes certain happenings.

An OTT Platform

 At first about the Monica Mehra picturization is somewhat awkward that she smoking, but these scenes emphasize that some girls are puff away under the pressure, so were the Monica. She plays as a tough-looking and kick-ass attitude. She put on the body language which she is supposed to do.

Most of the parts are entirely disappointed, some scenes work well because of the actress’s try-hard attitude. Initially, she is the groom and shows the romantic plot of the casual scenes. The perfect acting of the actress happening towards the end. Code M full series.

Production House

Code M is produced by the Juggernaut Productions directed by the Chaubay. The producer put his effort is reflected on the army set, though we see many armies set in the film, this web series has been updated to the trend of the army, how does it look nowadays.

The most important part Code M started in the middle of the season. This season 1 comprise of 8 episodes. When the prediction starts, the way they brought the subplot involves love and marriage. Many scenes are giving the flimsy feeling not like a web series, because of the way of the execution. The real deal of the complete season is given in the last two episodes. This is the phase where the suspense is revealed just like a knockout punch at the final stage. Some scenes seem untidy and clumsy but the whole thing needs such an untidy platform. Overall, the web series code M is the remarkable series the suspense revelation with the back setup is an extraordinary one.

An OTT Platform

Other characters description

Code M series only have a handful of artists who have justified their parts decently. Col.Suryaveer Chauhan is the character standing the viewer’s heart in his commanding manner. Angad Sandhu, who is the groom and their chemistry fill the romance phase well, which is the somewhat relief in the terrific narration.

Code M music 

Coming to the music part of the Code M, the background music is harsh and disastrous which is irritating tone while the narration of scenes.

The writing is very shallow and does not give the seriousness to the audience and the editing is also shuttle like the music. The cinematography is not justified. Overall, the strong story base is destroyed by the team. The twisted ending is the pacified thing in this series.

Brief view about the Code M casting

Jennifer Winget as Major Monica Mehra. Tanuj Virwani as Angad Sandhu. Kundan Roy as Hawaldar Tripathi. Meghana Kaushik as Serena Mandapa. Aalekh Kapoor as Major Shakti.Rajat Kapoor as Col.Suryaveer Chauhan. Keshav Sandhana as Major Gaurav.

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