Free Music Distribution and Many Benefits with the Same

Music is like a soul for many people. People love music as it emotionally connects them with their feelings and happiness. Imagine if we had a world without music, how empty the world would have been. But thank God that’s not the case and since age old, we had music in some or the other forms. Listening to music is a great thing and appreciating is another. Music is everywhere, many people listen to the songs that have been created by others and most of them do. Whereas, some are there who create their own music and listen to it. It is also a wonderful thing to create one’s own music.

Where can you distribute your music for free? - Kami Records

Switch to Music Distribution – 

Now, these days you can switch to Free Music Distribution platform online and create your music and provide it to the people. You can distribute your music free and keep your sales royalties up to 100%. The platform mentioned above in that you can release over 300 DSPs which includes apple music, Spotify, amazon music, and many more. Then, another good thing that you will know about free music distribution is that you can keep a hundred percent of your sales. Unlike other distributors, the distributors mentioned above do not take the percentage from your sales.

Quick Set-Up – 

You will also get a chance for free mastering. One of the things that you should do before the release of the music is to make sure, re-listen, and know that your music sounds great. They can master your song in seconds. Also, one of the good things that you will know about free music distribution is that there are no hassles in the setting up of the music and its release. There is this instant setup that you will get, in which you can upload your song, give some details of the song and then release it. It is very simple and easy.

Get UPC Code – 

In addition, this method is hassle-free. They can even provide you with a UPC code if needed. In case you don’t have one, then you can simply get it from here. You also get an opportunity to transfer music through which you can transfer the music already released through the assistance of other distributors to save capital and earn more from every person listening to the music. This is not just it, there is more to it. You also get a free IMB anti-piracy. Through this platform or method, you can protect your music and your earnings on every download, and stream, with automatic takedowns of illegal copies.

Free Music Gateway – 

Besides all of these, you can also get access to a free music gateway which comprises the following exclusive promotions and opportunities from their network, exclusive independent Spotify curators and playlist, exclusive sync licensing opportunities, including representation, then you will also get free artist page that will help you to promote you to A & G reps and new fans. So, there are a plethora of things that you can get with a free music distribution platform. Just switch to the right platform and see the change.