Best 8 Sites To Submit To Spotify Playlists

By Amit Sher


  1. OneSubmit
  2. Mysphera
  3. Soundplate
  4. For The Love Of Bands
  5. Indiemono
  6. Tunemunk
  7. Simon Field

If you’re a musician or the music industry as a whole, having your music on Spotify playlists might do wonders for your career and the attention it receives. Anyone who wants their music to be noticed by a wider audience must submit their recordings to Spotify playlists.

Despite the fact that Spotify itself manages and controls many of the larger playlists. To have their music featured on playlists produced by people with thousands of followers, independent musicians have many possibilities.

Independent musicians can upload their songs straight to Spotify playlists, thanks to a few of websites that don’t charge their customers to use them. This is fantastic news for unsigned artists.

To maximise this opportunity, musicians should first familiarise themselves with the playlist to which they would be donating their work. In addition to letting them know what genre the playlist falls under, this information will also point them in the direction of a song they might want to include in the mix. A song that does not fit into the playlist’s style should not be submitted.

Trying to get your song on a Spotify playlist or an independent Spotify playlist curator’s playlist could be a challenge. If you don’t keep an eye on it, your artist dashboard can quickly become a mess. When you submit your music to a submission site, you may listen to it from your computer, phone, or other device and promote your tracks on playlists. These are the eight best websites that we believe musicians should use to submit their songs to independent Spotify playlist curators in order for their work to get included.

1: One Submit

According to its mission statement, One Submit’s major objective is to link independent musicians with the owners of Spotify playlists and other platforms like TikTok and YouTube influencers as well as radio stations and record labels.

Music curators can examine and listen to your work by submitting it using the One Submit service, which is offered by the firm itself. Spotify curators and influencers from six different platforms can be mass-submitted to One Submit, and you can choose the size of the playlists to which you want your music to be added.

When your song has been submitted, a curator will listen to it and make a decision on whether or not to include it. If they think your music is good enough, they will put it on their playlist or channel, radio station, blog, or record label. This will result in an exponential boost in the promotion of your song. The curator will nevertheless provide you with a formal evaluation of your work even if they decide not to include it in the compilation.

2: Mysphera

You can submit your music to Mysphera, a high-quality website that also provides a network of playlist curators and other significant people who want to hear it. It’s easy to find new listeners thanks to the extensive playlists and bios of the curators who have contributed to the site’s growth.

3: Soundplate

Soundplate’s Spotify playlists are curated by the company’s staff. You may also add your own music to a variety of different playlists, which is an added bonus. However, the number of playlists to which you can contribute your music will be limited based on how often you submit it each day.

4: For The Love Of Bands

Additionally, this website provides you with free advertising and feedback of your song. To help musicians get their music discovered, they give them advice on how to promote their music on platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, and other social media sites.

5: Indiemono

As far as independent playlist communities go, Indiemono is one of the most prominent. More than one hundred active curated playlists have been created by them to promote new artists with less than 1,000 Spotify listens. With the help of their selected lists, they promote new music, new music that hasn’t been released yet as well as new and unreleased recordings.

Playlist Submission link:

6: Tunemunk

It’s quick and simple to use this website. Musicians and Spotify playlist owners alike can benefit from their services. In one sense, musicians can get more visibility by sharing their work, and in the other, playlist curators can gain more Spotify users. It’s up to the person who created the list to decide whether or not to include a song from an artist who has added their work to the playlist, which will be sent to them through email.

As a result, independent musicians have a wonderful opportunity to get their music out there and make a living while doing so. A new artist should take advantage of these services since they reduce a great deal of the tension that musicians feel when they try to promote their music on their own.

7: Howard Zhu

Howard Zhu is a playlist curator, having created over 35 Spotify playlists in which he has asked other musicians to submit their songs. It could take a while, as he gives each song added to his playlists the care and consideration it deserves. For the sake of supporting independent artists, he created playlists that fit his personal preferences. A little over 105 000 people have subscribed to his most popular playlist.

Use the links below to follow him on Instagram and Spotify, so that your music can be added to his playlists without any additional effort on your part. He has a genuine interest in promoting the music of independent artists and nurturing their growth.

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Submit Your Music Here:

8: Simon Field

As a well-known singer and producer, Simon invites undiscovered musicians to share their work for free on 24 of his Spotify playlists. A little over 560,000 people have subscribed to his most well-liked playlist.

In addition to deep house, soulful house, and tech house, his playlist includes a wide range of other subgenres of the genre. Everything that doesn’t fit into one of these categories is out of the running.

Unless it’s brand new music, previously unheard tracks, or was released in the last two weeks, he exclusively listens to Spotify links when listening to music. In addition, he does not provide feedback, but your music will be listened to in its entirety.. To see if your music has been added to his playlists, he will provide you access to a tracking tool after you’ve submitted it in. Independent musicians will greatly benefit from the fact that he does not seek for any compensation. If you’re interested in submitting your music to his Spotify page, you can find the submission form there as well.

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Simon Field submission link:

As soon as these music submission portals are made available to independent musicians, they should use them to promote their songs and acquire attention. Additionally, these websites not only allow musicians from all over the world to get their music heard by a broader audience, but they also alleviate the burden of having to do it on their own time and effort. So, instead of wasting time trying to promote their previous work, musicians can now focus on making new songs.