5 Great Canadian films of the decade

Canada has become a great place for making the best movies of all. With a brilliant location and true sounds of nature to use there, tons of movie makers have visited and completed their projects with astonishing content and visuals that are not doomed in this world. As all greatest films of the decade find a good place in Canada culture, and today we will show you 5 great Canadian films of the decade that has made both the country and people watch them over and over.

“Canada, with its enormous pool of expertise, the convenience of production resources and accessibility to all kinds of natural resources, has also served for filmmakers and television producers from outside the nation,” says executive Mathieu Chantelois of Made Nous, a new campaign that celebrates the works of Canadian creators in film, television, video games, and digital entertainment, both here and around the world.


Claimed from the Shakespearean region to the base script, Zacharias Kunuk made a brilliant story out of the line with raw performances on the line from elders, staff, and characters that were to be a part of the film. You get to see an ancient fiction set to the TV with a thrilling movie plot and a real sense of time ahead, this might be your best movie to watch leaving other choices at most below this.

Away from Heart:

With first directing movie became a part of greatness both in the genre of Canada as a specific position of scene generation and true work of art, Away from Heart by Sarah Polley presents a line of romance in the elder genre. The movie brings a class trained plot and work of the career for lead cast. The strong narrative and a married wife as she forgets about her husband brings a quick love to its midpoint that shires others.

Barbarian Invasions:

Deny Arcand’s work hasn’t been at all nourishing to the mind and heart, but he knows how to bring the appetite of the normal viewer to the real sense of art. With Barbarian invasions he set a new line of work, with proper ambition artwork, with true sense, emotion, and care against the sane of humans to a properly crafted scene of the tragedy. Keep up the hard words for the later time, this Canadian based movie has easily made it to the greatest movie list with ease. Watch it to get the reason why.

My Winnipeg:

The intriguing hate love duo sensation into a movie made Guy Maddin’s love frontier with an unusual documentary, great sense of direction skills to the core, and a pinch of love to make it shine. It doesn’t seem to be based on Canadian places but once you get to see what’s beneath, everything becomes super clear. As it always has been for Maddin’s witty response to world-class film generation, My Winnipeg doesn’t leave any stone unturned to get you crisp for the film.


Struggling with the usual sex gender, CRAZY deals with a similar genre of a boy, who is confused about his own gender rivalry in a new direction. The director has made sure to confuse the viewers and to keep it that way for the total length of the film, even adding forced strictness by his parents for more gist. CRAZY has been one of the topmost produced films that depict gender classification and differentiation but Jean-Marc Vallee took it another level.

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