Tips to snorkel with manta rays safely

Diving with mantas is one of the best experiences for people who love to explore the ocean. However, snorkeling is only a cup of tea for some, and the mantas are found only in certain places.

Kailua-Kona is a seaside town situated on Hawaii’s Big Island, and National Geographic has regarded this coast as one of the top ten dive sites in the world. Book a manta ray snorkel tour Kailu  a-Kona hi if you plan to dive and relish watching the gentle giants underwater.

The beach is the right choice for professional snorkelers and safety-conscious families too. There are so many beaches where you can enjoy water sports activities as the picturesque scene encourages individuals to explore more.

Swimming with mantas is bliss

Kailua-Kona in Hawaii is one of the best places to swim or dive with the mesmerizing manta rays. If you desire to swim with the world’s most enormous rays, visit the beautiful region and spend your valuable time. The manta rays are listed under the IUCN Red list as they are endangered and vulnerable.

The species are not hunted for food, but they get caught in fishing nets. It takes years for these giant rays to have pups. You can go for the manta ray sightings throughout the year but ensure you book the manta ray snorkel tour Kailua-Kona hi. There are several local agencies, but you must find a trustworthy name in the region.

Swimming in the ocean with a giant fish may be strange, but it is one of the most beautiful activities in your lifetime. However, safety is way too important. Continue reading to learn the safety tips that will help you to stay safe when you swim along with the mantas.

Learn swimming before you snorkel

It is highly recommended to snorkel after learning to swim. Going into the ocean without any swimming experience is extremely dangerous. There is no need to be a professional but make sure you can tread water for at least ten minutes.

Snorkeling will be accessible when you are confident in the water and know how to swim. You can enjoy watching the beautiful mantas with other species under the ocean.

Have a little snorkeling experience

If you have snorkeled before, you can swim with the mantas. Swimming with the most prominent rays may be a crucial moment for first-timers to get a little practice (Once or twice would be better). Get around the diving equipment and gear up to perform the manta activity confidently.

Snorkel with experts

Snorkeling alone is not suggested, so you can join a group or find a buddy. You may face unprecedented situations when you explore the ocean so ensure you have some to help. You can book a manta ray snorkel tour Kailua-Kona hi, allowing you to perform the activity with professionals, and you will also have fun when you snorkel with more people.

Do not scare the species away

When individuals see the mantas for the first time, they might have temptations to pet them. However, you might wipe away the protective mucus coating. Make sure you neither chase nor grab the fish.

When you relish the time with the mantas, stay focused and avoid contact with other marine life. Snorkelers are supposed to avoid diving into the open water column as the mantas need it to maneuver.

Wrapping up

When you are on the snorkeling tour, the chances of seeing the manta rays are high, especially at night. You will also witness the magnificent fish in the daytime but make sure that the professionals are there to guide you throughout the trip.