The Presence of Music in Human Culture Across Civilizations

Music is always there whenever people come together for any reasons like get together and functions like wedding, birthday, family ceremonies, funerals, political or institutional getting together like graduation ceremony of college, soldiers marching for war, sports, game and stadium events, prayer and religious events, or in a night on the town. Music is present in every situation of life. Its appearance begins from the mother’s rocking her infant to sleep, school going children learn through a riddle, and romantic dinners associated with musical concerts. Get in touch with MJB entertainment for the best musical performance in any of your occasions.

Music has been part and parcel of life from ancient time and everybody took part in music. It is only a few centuries back when the society divided the people into two basic groups, the music performers and the music listeners or watchers. From ancient civilizations, music and making of music have been a natural process as other natural activities like walking, talking, breathing etc. This the reason we all like and love music irrespective of the fact that whether you are a musician or a listener or a mere music watcher.

You need not try to trace the authenticity of the presence of the music in our ancient civilizations because many researchers have argued that music predates and emerged before the language itself. In fact, music is constructed not in the throat through voice, but in the brain. But on the hand, the music incorporates all the emotions and feelings of human experiences. Therefore, music is the expression of both the human mind or brain and heart.

Going beyond the socio-cultural and philosophical context of music, music also plays a key role in the economic life of mankind. A study reveals that the music industry contributes 160 billion USD annually to the global GDP. If you roughly estimate a monthly expenditure of a domestic household, you will discover a certain amount of regular expenses for the music passion of the members of the family. In some cases, this expenditure goes very high particularly when you add special occasions like wedding and other ceremonies and festivals. If you ever try to cut short this expenditure spent on music with a view that this expenditure is unnecessary and waste, your entire celebrating of the special occasions may be incomplete, and there are high probabilities of ending the occasions with highly unsatisfactory intense situations and chaos.

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