The Comedy and Career of Ashish Chanchlani

Who has never imagined becoming a film actor? Even if men are less numerous than women to have the desires of artistic careers, the latter are thousands to dream to become a comedian without knowing how to do, know the steps to perform, how to get started. One perfect example happens to be Ashish Chanchlani and his success story as the comedian actor on Youtube.

To develop your talent as a comedian like Ashish, you will need to have a good artistic background:

  • You can enrol in a drama conservatory or opt for a theatre school to pursue quality artistic training with qualified teachers.
  • You can also enrol in an animation centre that offers classes.

Another option: Betting on other artistic formations, such as the stage theatre that allows you to learn more quickly the basics of comedy or to improve in this area.

Spend a Max of castings

Unless you are spotted on the street (which is very rare) you are unlikely to shoot in movies or play in plays if you do not cast.

Apply to as many castings as fit your profile to be noticed by a director. Multiply the auditions; this will entice you to this exercise. Over time, you will be more relaxed and confident. Start by looking for figuration castings, casting directors accepts beginners more willingly. The more experience you have, the more you will be able to claim more important roles.

Look for a serious agent

You do not have to, but a good agent will find you a job easier. Once you have gained some credibility and experience, turn to an arts agent. He will be responsible for representing you with casting agents, production companies, directors, etc. He takes care of your file and is in charge of prospecting for you to find you a role which corresponds to your profile. In exchange he will take a commission on your fees to pay him.

Do you build a network?

Nothing like starting a career that knowing the right people because in the arts, word of mouth is essential. Make yourself a good address book of people working in the field of cinema. You can be informed of castings that you did not know existed and get you boosted by the right people.

It is easy to build a small network thanks to the other actors present on the castings, in certain evenings, concerts, intermissions, film sets.

Be curious and passionate

If you want to become a comedian, you will have to be curious about everything related to acting. Go to the movies, watch movies, go to the theatre, plan to do cultural activities, etc. A good comedian is a complete comedian who does not just play the role he is asked stupidly. By seeking to open you to the artistic world, you will be able to give more depth to your characters.

Be patient

Know how to be patient and available because fame will not come at once. It is slowly that you will become a confirmed actor. Be aware however that in this environment the places are expensive and the success very random. Always try to have a Plan B before starting your acting career. If you cannot make yourself known, you may bite your fingers to stop studying too early. 


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