Perfect Timing with the Spotify Plays Now

If it is true that music makes traveling, the soundtrack of a road trip can also remain engraved in our memories, certain songs remaining associated in our mind with landscapes, atmospheres, countries.

Whether you want to take your favorite playlist with you or glean music along the way, here are some useful tips for music lovers. You can listen to Brett Napoli on buying Spotify plays  there.

Choose a light and practical material

No need to bother to listen to music while traveling. The ideal is to choose the lightest possible material. You can, for example, equip yourself with a small mp3 or mp4 player on which you will have downloaded your playlist before leaving. Among the criteria for choosing well, check the capacity of autonomy (duration without being recharged) of the player, as well as the number of files that it can contain (count about 1 GB for 200 mp3 tracks).

  • But the simplest is still to store all your songs on your smartphone, which will save you from having to multiply devices and chargers.
  • In order not to fall in the harbor of music along the way, do not forget the charger and, depending on the country, also equip yourself with a universal electric adapter.

If you have long journeys to make, on a train or a coach, for example, and that no wall outlet is at your disposal, the solar charger is a good idea to charge your device. If you are traveling by car, also consider leaving with a cigarette lighter charger to charge your device while driving. Also remember to always have a small external battery on hand to help you out.

Finally, depending on your preferences, choose a headset (not too heavy) or in -ear headphones . You are ready to go: forward music.

Log in but watch out for the bill

After several weeks of travel, have you gone through your playlist? Do you want to add new titles to your music library or adapt it to the atmosphere of the country you are visiting? Or do you just want to stream the latest news online? You have to connect to the Internet. But be careful not to blow your budget.

  • If you are traveling in the euro zone and your mobile plan allows you to benefit from unlimited internet access, don’t worry. As in The country, you can choose the songs you like on your favorite download platform , or listen to music streaming on the Web, on sites such as Soundcloud, Spotify.

On the other hand, if you are forced to pay to use the internet abroad, manage to use a free Wi-Fi hotspot , in your hotel, restaurant or bar. The problem can then be the quality of the connection, the speed being sometimes insufficient for heavy data, like certain audio files.

Finally, if you have a computer, you can also ask your loved ones who have stayed in The country to send you music using servers. But it is not the most practical solution since recovering files can also take time.

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