Most Valuable Ticket Prices In The AMC Theatres

AMC is the best ever and the popular movie theater that is having a big chain in both north and south America. This is the best one for the viewers to watch various movies in the HD and also with the good quality of sound. The AMC ticket prices are updated in the regular interval and so the customers should have to view them before going to purchase. The best experience of viewing the cinemas will be obtained for the customers when they are coming to these AMC theaters. The prices will be more valuable as the picture and the sound clarity are high.

Price of tickets in the 2D room

This AMC is a famous theatre chain that is consisting of an international presence. The cost of the tickets in these tickets are little but pricey but it is more valuable. The various days in the week will have a different price list and os it is better to check it. The official website and also the theaters are having the same price list. These theatres are completely hygiene and also provide a luxurious way to watch movies. The tickets in the two-dimensional room are consisting of the prices like

  • Mondays $ 9000,
  • Tuesday and Thursday $ 6000,
  • Wednesday $ 5500,
  • Holidays and also Friday, Saturday and Sunday $ 10,300

The above listed prices are luxurious and also these are the valuable ones for the customers. They can watch movies in a spacious environment. D-box and Imax screens are providing HD and good clarity views that too with the Dolby audio experience. Good chairs and comfortable seats will make you watch the movies without body pain.

Concession for children and disabled

This AMC theatre is providing the concession for children below twelve years of age. Also for the adults who are above sixty years. The disabled people will get the consistent ticket price of $ 7650 for the two-dimensional and for the three-dimensional room price is about $9550. The AMC movie ticket prices will vary often and so it is better to check their official website and start making the booking. The snacks, beverages, and other food items also have various price lists and so you can simply visit the official page for the correct price.

Valuable ticket prices

According to the two dimensional and the three dimensional movies, the ticket prices will vary. you can also find many other comfortable amenities and that is the secret to the popularity of this movie theatre chain.  You can browse any of the theaters that are chained under AMC as you will get the full price list. These things are more convenient for you to plan your budget and book accordingly. The prices of the theatres will be suitable for middle and upper class people. You can find the theatres are having a good hygiene environment and the feel of watching the movie is pleasant and the entertaining one. Once you book tickets here then you will become a regular customer.