Introduction Of Netflix USA And Its Move To Original Content


Netflix now faces tough competition from Amazon, Google, and Disney but when it started in 1997, it created a buzz in the TV industry. Few were even skeptical about the success of it. However, over the years, the company found new ways to better their programming for the viewers and to serve their consumers in a much better way. These ways have enabled it to break the mold and change the way people watch TV today. With such innovation and continual evolution, the threats posed by other streaming companies in the circuit did not matter really for Netflix USA

Start of a new era

Back in 1997, Netflix Estados Unidos started as a humble website that only provide DVD online for people on rent. It also delivered and returned these DVDs by mail. Right from its very beginning, Netflix competed with the cable TV and other networks to provide people quality entertainment time. The real competition back at that time was from the established brick-and-mortar video rental stores. The streaming began in 2007, ten years later, when the internet speeds became faster and better. It is also the time when the personal computers became more powerful. Both these advancements allowed live streaming services to start commercially. 

Moving to original content

As people watched a movie or a TV show on their computers, tablets, TV screens, phones, and gaming devices, Netflix offered them shows that they wanted to watch at a time of their convenience. The consumers determined how they will watch it because there was no limitation of a schedule or any annoying commercials interrupting the shows. They could watch it anytime anywhere, even on the go. Soon, all TV networks and cable companies started moving on to original contents and offered on-demand content as well of their own to attract more consumers.


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