Explore Ways to Make Music Even Better in 2019


Getting the right feedback from music is really important and that is why you should always work to make your music sound better. Musicians should strive to improve their craft and this article will give you tips on how to make better music. These tips will help you understand how to transform your song into a masterpiece.

Best tips on How to Make Better Music

• Good writing and structure
Just like how buildings have a good foundation, the base of your music should be strong enough. You should have a good hook, great lyrics and an overall flow. No matter how talented you are good music always takes time and the most important thing is to keep practicing over and over again. If need be you can rewrite the lyrics again and again.

• Know the Sound of good music
One way of knowing how good music sounds like is by listening to the “good music” that has already been produced. You can listen to various hits and make some notes on how to make your song reach to that level. You should pay attention to the various parts of a song-the hook, lyrics, instrumentation, and the melody.

• Know all your talents
As a musician you have to know what you really good at. It is important that you have your talents at hand because this way you will be able to focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. For instance, you might be a good songwriter but then you can be poor in production and mixing instruments. So in this case the best option would be writing your song, doing all the other work but letting someone on board to help you with the production.

• Collaborations
This is and will always be a way of winning it in the music industry. You can work with other music creators who will teach you new techniques of doing things and different ways of making music. Collaborations are a nice way of sharing ideas and creating connections. As you find someone to collaborate with you should look for someone who have a good music career ad who always makes hits.

• Focus on a certain genre
There are various genres and every genre has its own techniques and sounds. For instance, with pop you have to keep it simple and it should be catchy, country is made of folksy sound, while hip-hop is about beats and rhymes. Whichever genre you choose to work with be it rock, R & B, country, or hip-hop understand what it is made of and that way it becomes easier to write the lyrics and record.

• Work with professionals
There are so many ways to make music and as much as they might seem easy, there are the downsides that might end up pulling your music down. Professionals are trained to use the right tools so that they can give you high-quality music and above that they have the experience that can transform your song into a masterpiece. It’s okay to do your own music at times but when you want to create great music try and work with professionals.

• Sharpen your skills
This is the most important thing that every musician and any other professional should practice. You have to spend time developing your skills. Find new ways of improving your song-writing skills, and any other music skills. There are so many ways to do this such as watching tutorials, using midi chords reading music eBooks, and even taking courses. In short, there is always something to improve on no matter how good you are.


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