Coachella 2021: Festival Dates, Location, Info, Tips, and Tricks

The 2021 Coachella Festival is coming to Indio in April 2021. Here is information about the three-day festival that takes place over two weekends, including dates, location, tickets, and information on the lineup, and some tips and tricks for the country’s biggest festival.

Coachella 2021 dates:

There are no official dates yet for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival 2021. These are usually released by Goldenvoice a few weeks after Coachella each year. Now, while we don’t have the official dates yet, based on the timing of previous years, the best bet on Coachella 2021 dates would be:

  • Weekend 1: April 9 to 11, 2021
  • Weekend 2: April 16-18, 2021

This would be followed by the third weekend of music, art, parties, and more with the Stagecoach Country Music Festival and the dates for the country music festival will likely be:

  • Stagecoach 2021: from 23 to 25 April

How much do Coachella tickets cost?

General admission passes for the 2020 festival cost $ 399 plus fees. VIP bracelets were priced at $ 929 plus fees. Tickets for Coachella 2020 went on sale Friday, June 14, 2019, at 11 a.m. You can expect tickets for Coachella 2021 to go on sale for the first time around the same time in Oct.

Coachella Week 2 tickets typically go on sale twice, with the first sale being the only option to pay for the bracelets in monthly payments. Then, another round of tickets will go on sale following the lineup announcement in January, where no payment plan is offered.

Coachella 2021 range:

Well, we don’t know yet. The official schedule normally falls in early January.

Coachella location

The three-day festival takes place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, about 30 minutes east of Palm Springs.

For those coming from Los Angeles or Orange County, expect to see traffic Thursday and Friday, especially via Cabazon and the Banning and Beaumont areas along Route 10. There is also terrible traffic. Monday. The morning after the festival.

Coachella Festival Tips and Tricks

Let me start by saying that I have lived in the Palm Springs area for over 20 years and attended over 30 Goldenvoice festivals in Indio including Coachella, Desert Trip, and of course Stagecoach. Here are five things I have learned over the years.

1)    Get a transportation pass:

Unless you are camping at the festival, get yourself a transport pass. Transportation is pretty good. There are plenty of pickup points in the desert and the buses run fairly regularly that you don’t have to wait all day to catch one. Bring a beer or two on the bus (cans, not bottles) and enjoy your ride instead of getting stuck behind the wheel in traffic and then trying to remember where you parked.

2)    Hydrate yourself!

Indio is hot in April. Add alcohol (and whatever else you enjoy) to that and you could be in a world of pain if you don’t remember to drink water. Take a huge jug of water and slap it as you slap it by the pool before the party. Then use the refillable water stations to stay hydrated inside Coachella. Also, buy your Pedialyte before you get to town, as many stores mark this stuff for festival weekends.

3)    Buy a mask and a Neti pot:

You’ve heard of Cough-Chella and its genuine, man. You can do your best to avoid this by grabbing an inexpensive bandana mask to wear while walking in dusty areas and a Neti Pot to clean everything up at the end of the night.

4)    Stay somewhere that makes sense:

The Palm Springs area is booming. You might save some money if you stay somewhere like Yucca Valley or Beaumont, but you’re an hour from Coachella and that trip back to there. The hotel is going to suck.

5)    Don’t go on Monday morning:

The traffic leaving Coachella Valley the morning after Coachella still floooooooow. Just plan to stay another day or at least plan to head out into the desert until Monday night when things start to return to normal. You can spend this time by the pool, go on a hike (hydrate yourself for that too), or visit some of the local attractions like the Palm Springs Cable Car or the Palm Springs Air Museum.

What if you don’t go?

Without concerns, you can still watch a lot of Coachella performances on YouTube, at least for the first weekend. So if you can’t get tickets or just can’t leave work on the weekends, you can still enjoy a part of the festival.

Enjoy Coachella 2021!

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