Choosing the Fine Options for the Band

Wedding music plays an important role in creating the atmosphere, and a wedding without atmosphere is classified as a fiasco. Choosing wedding music is not easy, as you have to satisfy all the guests. You can’t just choose your favorite music. You can Book a Band and come up with the best deals here.

Obviously, a wedding without music is impossible, but what do you choose: 

DJ or band? In both cases there are advantages and disadvantages and that is why we have prepared a list of comparisons and aspects that you must consider before making a decision.

Why choose a band:

  • You and your guests are passionate about live music.
  • You know a band, you have heard it at other events and you like its style of interpretation.
  • Live music gives an added dynamism to the party because the band maintains permanent contact with the audience.
  • Most guests are older and appreciate only one genre: folk or party music, etc.
  • You have a bigger budget, a band is considerably more expensive than a DJ.

Disadvantages formation:

  • Few bands have a rich enough repertoire to cover the preferences of all your guests.
  • There are bands that tackle only one genre of music, for example, popular.
  • The costs for a group are higher.
  • The band cannot sing non-stop, they must take breaks and therefore you need someone, preferably a DJ, to maintain the atmosphere during these breaks.
  • You must have a backup solution because the band you choose to play live and it is possible that unforeseen situations may arise, for example the vocalist may be rough.
  • The space needed, if the thought is left to an eight-member band, for example, you have to consider whether the space where the wedding takes place allows them to perform and bring the necessary equipment.

Why choose DJ:

Your wedding invitations are of all ages and it’s hard to reconcile them all with the style of a band. The DJ comes prepared with hundreds and even thousands of songs, for all tastes and from different periods. In case some of the guests come with an ad-hoc request, the DJ could respond to the musical preferences from the guests. A charismatic DJ with a pleasant personality and MC skills will maintain the atmosphere and make the guests fill the dance floor. The budget established for the wedding does not allow you to hire a band.

Why not choose DJ:

Microphone: this occurs when the high frequencies are more pronounced than the medium and low frequencies, and the microphone is placed too close to the speakers. Due to a loud microphone, the audio equipment may be damaged and so you can remain without sound at the event. It is very important for the DJ to use equipment from well-known producers.

Audio quality – Not only is the DJ’s speakers have to be of quality, but the mixed music must have the same qualities. So ask the DJ that all the songs should be at least 256Kbps and 44 KHz. The DJ will tell you that you will not know if a song is at 128Kbps or 320, which is partially true, but the music will be heard otherwise in the event room. A DJ who is not very sociable and with a positive attitude can ruin the party, even if he does not know how to adapt the songs according to those who are on the dance floor.

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