Basic Love Expressions: Determining Yourself

People expressed their way of love through different kinds. These expressions are into different types, which they called love expressions or love language. The love language is the way how you express love to someone. So, which of the types of love language determines yourself?

Definition of love language

In building a long-lasting and meaningful relationship, love language is the secret ingredient. A person how the way he/she expresses love is the way he/she also wants to receive. A couple must understand the differences in love perception and how they value the love of their lives. Love language can also be called a love expression. A person expresses love in his/her ways. The love language quiz can help identify which love language is in you. But, before taking the quiz, you need to know first the five basic types of love language and its brief definition, namely;

  • Words of affirmation. Love expresses through words. A person who expresses this type of love language shows in the general public. He is not afraid or ashamed of telling sweet words to his/her partner in public places.
  • Acts of service. Love expresses through actions. A person is not using words, instead, done by actions. A person is ready to lend an ear and helps his/her partner in bad times. By preparing a hot cup of coffee for your partner may be a simple deed for the other, but it is an act and expression of love. The simple chore might sound common or ordinary to the other, but for you, it means a lot and it is how you show love to your spouse.
  • Physical touch. Love is expressed through intentional contact. This type of love is expressed through holding hands, hugging, and more through gestures.
  • Quality time. Undivided attention from the partner means a lot. Spending time together is not only meaningful but a treasure to give to the partner.
  • Receiving gifts. Gifting your loved one may be a simple act and ordinary to the many, but for you, it is a way of expressing love. The value of the gift doesn’t matter, either it is an expensive or cheap price gift. The thing about receiving a gift means someone value you a lot, and it is an act of love for you.

The love language tool

It might sound funny, but yes, it is possible to determine which love language you belong to. Do you belong to the words of affirmation or quality time type of love language? If you are not sure which type you are, take the love language quiz. After taking the exam, the result will show and determine your love language. The quiz is easy to access and free. You don’t need to pay any amount to take the exam. All you need to do is to open the quiz, answer all the questions, and submit. The love language tool determines which type of love language you belong to, based on your answers.

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