The Great Variety for the Finest Movies

The fascinating thing about human beings is that they love being able to put things in boxes. Thus, the cinematographic genre is one way among others to classify films according to their main characteristics.

The ambiguity of certain films makes it difficult to estimate which genre they may belong to. If some are precisely defined, the meaning of others remains more vague or more or less relevant. I invite you to discover them in the following list. The following definitions are simple and not exhaustive.


It is a very widespread genre which wants to be serious, realistic, in which characters face serious problems and / or live passionate conflicts. It arouses in the spectator feelings going more towards sadness, terror or pity by playing on its sensitivity even if it can contain humor and occasionally provoke laughter. If the drama borrows elements from the tragedy, it does not necessarily end “badly”.

Originally, the word drama comes from the Latin drama and the Greek δρᾶμα (drama) which means fact, action and designates a play. The melodrama is a drama with exaggerated characteristics, Manichean, with moralizing aims.


If the action is defined by the “set of events which constitute a narrative” (Larousse), the genre “action film” encompasses films which are characterized by a succession of spectacular scenes (chases, explosions in all genre, fights, falls). This genre is quite delicate because its definition would mean that it concerns all films, this lack of relevance makes “action film” a genre more fantasized than based on real characteristics. Make a visit to and come up with the best of action films there.



In an adventure film, a hero (fictional or not) experiences an extraordinary and unforeseen event, so many extraordinary actions result from him. In general, the pace is high, the viewer experiences a change of scenery and the film has several spectacular scenes. This genre blends with many others such as science fiction, fantasy or western.


The biopic is a film whose scenario is inspired by all or part of the life of a real character. Its literary equivalent could be biography. A fictional story with real characters is not a biopic. If it is inspired by real facts, it is important to keep in mind that it remains a work of fiction.


This kind of film tells of a natural disaster (earthquake, meteorite fall, tidal wave) or human (especially technological: nuclear explosion, crash, shipwreck) and its consequences. We generally find the same scheme: presentation of the characters announcement of a catastrophe – catastrophe consequences of one scenario to another.


The comedy is intended to arouse laughter in the spectator through situations, aftershocks, humorous actions. It is a popular genre very effective in highlighting the shortcomings of a society, an era and / or individuals. Although it is light, it does not prevent the genre from dealing with quite serious problems. The happy ending is not a necessity either.

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