Starrgirl Season Three Promises Something Huge

While Geoff Johns is known for many things, Stargirl may be his most popular creation yet. Based on the Justice Society and its legacy of violence, Johns creates an engaging platform on which he can discuss things that concern him. Stargirl’s third season looks to push its exploration of feminine heroism and moral conflicts to the next level with a fascinating potential plot.

What Stargirl Brings to the Table

On its surface, Stargirl may seem like a light superhero series. It focuses on Stargirl and the creation of a new Justice Society. It features the trademark wit and intelligence that Johns brings to each of his creations. However, there’s far more depth to it than there may seem on the surface.

For example, the previous Justice Society was known as violent group and Stargirl hopes to take this newest group beyond that history. However, history has a way of repeating itself and the Justice Society keeps running into complications as a result of this complex history.

The show always comments on the complex gender roles in our society. Stargirl is the obvious leader of the Justice Society, but some still question her authority and skills. By continually having to prove herself, Stargirl reflects the struggles that many women experience in their professional lives.

These exciting possibilities could come to a head in season three. Throughout the first two seasons, Johns carefully built up anticipation and excitement for the third season. Is there a possibility it could live up to expectations? What exactly is there to expect? Let’s look at the options.

What Season Three Might Bring to the Table

After defeating Mr. Bones at the end of season two, Stargirl obviously had to reset itself a little and seek a new identity. Thankfully, Johns seemed to set up the possibilities here by placing two villains directly next door to Stargirl in a bold and surprising move that got people talking already.

Season three has been labeled “frenemies,” which is a term that indicates a complex relationship, i.e. friends who are enemies or enemies who are friends. Many people believe that Johns could pair the Justice Society up with their former enemies to create a unique and exciting dynamic.

That said, Brec Bassinger aka Stargirl has also hinted at a murder mystery plot in some interviews, which could be a unique direction for the series to take. There are many ways that they could combine these plotlines into a thrilling expansion of a series that just keeps bringing new and interesting ideas.

What Will Season Four Bring?

We think that season three is going to be amazing and that season four will be even better. While it might seem a bit early to project to this next season, we think that Johns is setting up something big that could develop into a series and devastating storyline in season four. We urge fans to pay close attention to this development to learn more about what this show might offer them.