St. Petersburg: The Vibrant City Full of Life and Excitement

A One of A Kind City

St. Petersburg is a landmark in the world for sightseers across the globe. The amazingly crafted architecture, the elaborate artwork, and fascinating history make it an attraction for people to visit this one of a kind city.  It can be almost overwhelming for any tourist to visit everything this Russian wonder has to offer, but certain sights will surely leave a long lasting memory. Here are a few musts when you are deciding to embark on St Petersburg tours shortly.

The Hermitage Museum 

As the second largest museum in the world, it is hard to overlook this sight when you’re in St. Petersburg. It has millions of items to view in addition to a variety of different paintings. It all began with a collection from Catherine the Great, and if you enjoy beautiful artwork, this is one destination that you can’t leave off your list. The artwork is mostly comprised of Western masters anywhere from the 13th to the 20th century.

The Catherine Palace

Slightly south of St. Petersburg, this breathtaking sight is unlike anything the eyes have ever seen. At almost 2,500 feet in length with beautifully crafted design, the palace is a unique attraction for any St Petersburg tours. Although this fantastic structure suffered significant damage during World War II, it was restored to its original beauty. One of the building’s trademarks are the golden domes that sit at the top of the chapel.


A seemingly unending sight of palaces, fountains, and beautifully crafted gardens make Peterhof a must-see for your visit. Initially built in 1703 by Peter the Great, the Peterhof Palace is a unique and beautiful landmark to include in the visit to St. Petersburg. With four different cascades, no more impressive than the Great Cascade,  are a unique welcome to this alluring attraction. There is an admission fee to get into Peterhof, but it’s well worth the money to see all it has to offer.

Boat Tours In St. Petersburg

Seeing this beautiful city by boat can be a must for all on their trip. Whether your trip is during the day or at night, you’ll see all St. Petersburg has to offer. An excursion down the Neva River or the other smaller waterways can be the perfect way to begin or end your adventure.

How Do I See It All?

Even if it’s not your first time to St. Petersburg, trying to figure out what to see is challenging. One of the best things you can do find out more information about St Petersburg tours so you can get help deciding what you want to visit. Whatever you decide, this magnificent city won’t leave you disappointed.

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