Some Videos To Make Revenue For Video Creators

There are many websites online that reward you for things you do daily. If you are talented and can create video content, then it’s important to know the right platforms to earn good money using your talent.

It’s difficult to select the right and apt platform to generate a decent amount of money in exchange for your video-making skills. If you are a full-time, serious video creator, most websites offer only a little percentage of the profit. Also, some websites don’t give you the required exposure which results in dissatisfactory view counts.

In this article you will read about a few best video networks for video creators and how to earn money online. You can then decide what is best for you and how to earn money.


Dailymotion’s video monetization program earns you money every time an advertisement is placed in your videos. It supports in-stream video ads to produce maximum earnings and helps you engage your viewers by posting relevant ad content. All you have to do is upload videos of good quality and share them to reach mass audiences and earn maximum profits.

Once the monetization program is enabled, your earnings will automatically start. Dailymotion puts ads in a series of different formats as it is favorable for your videos, and the channel. Other than displaying advertisements, Dailymotion allows you to rent your videos that are high on demand or on a subscription basis.

You need to make a pricing list for this type of monetization scheme for your channel, and then you can put your content for sale in this scheme. On Dailymotion you can brand your videos, and create your own logo. You can also check audience behavior patterns, and revenue analytics in your account. You can withdraw your money through Paypal or Payoneer.

Vimeo On Demand:

On this platform you can sell your videos directly to your fans. You can offer them to buy, rent or subscribe to your content at an affordable price. Your video is not bound to any place or region. You can sell it worldwide or to a particular audience base across mobile platforms, and desktops. You can promote your videos using emails, social media platforms, and newsletters.

The video pages are customisable. You can tweak them, add subtitles, and captions to the videos. You are allowed to showcase your work through an innovative poster. To know where you stand you can access sales, statistics, pay and more.

The money earned by you will be transferred via PayPal. The pricing of the video is dependent on you. You can also issue a special price for buyers. Moreover, the website allows multiple currency options to ease your payment.

Twitter Amplify :

On Twitter you can earn money from videos with its pre-roll ads and the capacity to monetize video content in multiple forms. Twitter’s Amplify Publisher Program helps you to convert your tweets monetarily, including videos and avail partof the revenue. This program is currently exclusively available in the US. Twitter is very flexible with this program as you can opt in and out according to your convenience. Pre-set monetization for all tweets is also available or opt-in tweet by tweet. After you are accepted by the team you will receive an email.

YouTube :

On YouTube any channel that crosses 10,000 views is acceptable for monetization. If your YouTube channel meets the eligibility criteria you can begin earning by just applying for its partner program. YouTube also helps you give tips from the best creators to build a strong audience base and develop a good number of views for monetization. Once your channel reaches 10k views, you should ask for a review that will be done mostly in a week’s time. Apply for their partner program, sign up for AdSense and set up your monetization preferences. After that your videos will show ads and earn money, which will reflect in your AdSense account.

Talking about how to earn online, it solely depends upon a few factors like the type of advertisements appearing next to your videos and what is their pricing. You can also review your channel’s subscribers, analytics and more. Always remember to upload videos only if you own their commercial rights. You can easily learn how to earn online.

Always remember that content is king. Focus on the quality of the video because the more unique and different the video is, the more views and downloads you will have, which means more revenue.

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