Participate In Chopin’s International Competition Learning His Top Pieces

One famous musician named Chopin has composed the most lyrical and beautiful tunes on the piano and in the hormone. His style of music will have a great addiction for the fans as the composed music will provide complete joy, positive vibes, humor, etc. On the other hand, most of his music will have sorrowful and sentimental lyrics and tunes. It will make the audience feel for the music and get addicted to it. This man is from Poland who has composed a lot of the pieces. Here in this article, you will briefly find the various Chopin’s piano pieces.

Most favorite pieces of Chopin

Nocturnes Op. 9

Since this person has a huge talent from a young age itself, he has composed this tune at the age of the twenties itself. It means that in the year 1830, he composed the two tunes in the name of the nocturnes. His composition will bring a new style, and also everything is in the singing style. He writes the music and then composes, and that kind of talent is his popularity. These are the most famous tunes from the tunes of Chopin. The first rhythm will consist of the docile middle section, but the excellent rhythm will attract everyone. The second tune will be marvelous as all the notes from the start of the music to the end everything is great. The great melody in this second tune will make the audience feel the intimate world.

Fantaisie Impromptu, Op. 66

It is also one of the popular Chopin’s piano pieces. It is the good one for the music lovers to enjoy the melody and makes them feel how great is this Chopin. It is a fantastic showpiece through the piano. In all the live performances, he will perform in a different manner that will bring the new invention of his own music further. He wrote these notes in his style and made everyone get addicted to these notes. Maybe that soaring sixteenth note is hard, but the whole tune will bring fun and excitement surely.

Prelude, Op. 28 No. 4

This Prelude in E minor is composed by Fredric Chopin from 1810 to 1849. The music is more interesting the full of surprise, curiosity, and haunting feel. It is a slow tune but gives a piece of great music feel when you hear it. If any person is going to practice by seeing these notes, they will find it comfortable to learn. The main thing is that the beginners have to concentrate on the slow playing and also in a loud manner. He has made some of the changes in his notes as some of the small-handed musicians feel difficult to play. Thus he omitted some of the parenthesize, and this has made them play conveniently and feel the music.


Above mentioned are some of the piano notes that the legend Chopin has provided to the world. These kinds of notes will be much easy and give a good chance to win in the piano competition. Chopin’s piano pieces are unique, and also, it is the comfortable one for the players who are just beginners and have the shorthand to play. You can find the apps for the competition and download and enjoy them.