Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Wedding DJ Service

Your wedding day is, without a doubt, the most important day in your life. Obviously, you want to ensure that it is unique, magical and everything you have ever wanted. Sure, planning the event is stressful, but it can be equally exciting and fun. When you are preparing for your big day, you want to make sure you have thought of every detail and this includes choosing a wedding DJ service. Most people are so focused on the venue, caterers and photographers that they end up making mistakes with the DJ.

This is certainly not something you want because the DJ you choose needs to match your style as a couple for pulling off a spectacular wedding and reception. What mistakes should you avoid? Check them out below:

Opting for one that lacks experience

Hiring an inexperienced wedding DJ service is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Experience is a must when you begin shopping for a DJ because they can read a crowd, know how to transition into first dances and toasts, when to play what songs and how to announce your entrance, amongst others. They will show their professionalism at every step of the way and can give you peace of mind. 

Going with the cheapest one

Yes, you have to stick to a budget when you are planning your wedding, but you also need to prioritize your desires. After all, you get what you pay for and this is no different in the case of a wedding DJ service. Hiring the cheapest one to save as much as possible can backfire. First off, an inexpensive DJ service may lack experience and not be as professional as you want. Secondly, a low-cost DJ service means their equipment may not be top-notch and this increases chances of failure. You do not want a disaster on your hands, so avoid going for the cheapest option.

Not looking for the right fit

A wedding DJ service doesn’t just keep the reception on track for cake-cutting, dances and toasts, but they also entice people to participate, have fun and enjoy. Therefore, you have to find a service that matches your wedding tone and theme. Are you looking for a formal wedding DJ service that can follow a strict schedule and make polite announcements? Do you want one that can crack jokes and encourage people to dance? Make sure you find a service that fits into your special day the right way.

Failing to book early

Another major mistake that a lot of people make during wedding planning is to leave the booking of a wedding DJ service till the last minute. You should remember that if you wait too long to book a service, chances are that they may not be available on the day. A number of reputable wedding DJ services and book at least six months to a year in advance, so make sure you book them ahead of time.

Not discussing your expectations 

It is not just about booking a wedding DJ service; you also need to communicate with them. This means discussing any specific songs you want, or unique requests you may have. You should share how you want your special day to flow. The discussion can also help the service in finding songs that go with your tastes and preferences. This will help ensure that you and your wedding DJ service are on the same page and you will not have to deal with any surprises. 

Forgetting about insurance 

There can be any unforeseen accident and you don’t want to be held responsible for it. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the wedding DJ service you are considering has the proper liability insurance required to prevent such a situation. Accidents do happen, but as long as there is adequate coverage, your DJ service will be able to handle everything appropriately and professionally. Don’t make assumptions about insurance and always follow up and verify that the service is properly insured. Ask for proof of insurance and also make sure it meets the insurance liability requirements of your venue.

As long as you avoid these mistakes, you will be able to choose the best wedding DJ service to make your special day memorable.