Look for the best Options for the Finest Listening to Music

Almost everyone listens to music. But do you know that you can listen to it in different ways? You will experience a guitar solo in a very different way depending on the audio equipment you have and your physical and mental state.

Listen to music with quality sound

Imagine, you’re a crazy musician and you’re going to listen to your favorite song. But this time, you will listen to it differently. You will take care to listen to a quality audio source with quality material. You can’t even imagine all the notes and finesse of a musical composition that you can miss because of a poor quality audio source or inappropriate audio material. In case of listening these kinds of music the use of tubidy mp3 is quite useful.

Indeed, if you listen on a stereo or traditional headphones, the sound will be modified, a little more loaded in bass or with less treble and so on. Using a so-called monitoring solution means offering 100% sound to your ears. 

  • The mp3 is a compressed format with losses in order to reduce the weight of the file.
  • OGG Vorbis is a free format with lower losses than mp3
  • The AAC called advanced audio coding is quite close to Mp3 and used in particular for Youtube.
  • Then, the WAV which is a container. It can very well contain mp3 or WMA, slightly higher than WAV

And finally the FLAC which is the best of the best, a lossless compressed format! Listening in Flac is to revive your hearing. 

The Next parts

Then comes the notion of bitrate which represents the bit rate. It ranges from 32kbps to over 320 kb per second. If it is high, the quality will be better. The lower it is, the more the audio signal will be deteriorated because it contains less information. So a 64kbps mp3 will not be as good as a 320kps mp3. It is therefore important to have a good bitrate and a good format for optimal listening. Of course, AAC on youtube streaming remains listenable, but will not reflect all of the music and its nuances for audiophiles like me and soon like you.

The Present Times

To date, we have no partnership with these brands, and we warmly recommend that you test while testing the FLAC quality, plus an on-demand music listening service like Deezer, Spotify or GrooveShark. The great advantage is also to be able to go from one song to another without headaches and to be able to listen to your favorite guitarists while discovering playlists of other musicians. For the rest, you will have to learn to record your guitar.

Was physical and mental when listening

When you are exhausted, it is very difficult to make a physical effort. The same is true for listening to music. Thus, each style of music can bring you something depending on your condition.


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