Is Changing Careers Midway Easy? Or Impossible?

Have ever felt that you are not being challenged by your job? or you think branching out for a career change would make things better? Then trust us when we say that you are not the only one. In reality, there are many people who are not satisfied with the idea of staying in their current career and desire to pursue something more meaningful and purpose-filled in their lives. 

Although, it is never easy to take the next steps of that mindset. As exciting as it can sound to follow your passion and venture into careers that you are really passionate about, many hesitate to initiate these decisions – and we can understand why. 

Many of you think about how far you have come, the years or decades you have spent trying to establish your current career. All of that makes it hard to move away from all that to start something new. But what if there was a way you can move past those thoughts?

The key here is to start with baby steps. Instead of moving completely away from your career, you can branch out into different fields that are either related to your current job or are something you are most passionate about. This way, you can enter a new work environment that really brings out the true potential in you. 

If you are curious to know about the effectiveness of such an approach, then the best thing to do is to reach out to professionals who were just like you and in their own way, they found a solution that worked best for them. 

Consider Palmyre Seraphin – a highly acclaimed Haitian-American gospel singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who initially started out her career as someone else. 

After completing her Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies, Seraphin decided to teach literature to high school students in New York City. Despite being an exceptional teacher, she had always wanted to do more – play more of her part in helping people in all kinds of ways. It was around this time that she had a chance meeting with gospel artist, Wilkinson Theodore, who invited her to a studio session. The opportunity arose and Seraphin decided to collaborate with him and together, they worked on a number of projects such as the APA.  

In 2009, she took a leave from her Brooklyn Tabernacle choir in order to record her first Solo project, ‘Ou se Jehovah.’ She was also able to record her song “You Better Know What Time It Is” in English for the first time, releasing it through the Devine Jamz Gospel Network.

It was not easy to move away from her teaching job but she never gave up and strived to do more in her career. She sang with the 6th Grammy Award-winning Brooklyn Tabernacle from 2006 to 2018 and participated in the album “I’ll Say Yes”,  receiving a Grammy nomination in 2009 for it. Additionally, she was also nominated for the Revelation of the Year Award by Hallelujah FM and joined the Devine Jamz Gospel Network as one of the top Featured Spotlight Artists – bringing immense joy, love, and spiritual peace to her audience from all over the world.