How Hiring Exhibition Magician Attracts Visitors Towards Your Trade Booth?

Tradeshows are huge marketing conventions. Businesses spend their budget on display screens, giveaways, and booth design to attract lots of visitors and prospects. However, the significance turns out to be lower than expected. 

Fortunately, you can hire an exhibition magician for your next trade show. Surprisingly, magic and marketing are closely connected. Marketing strategies transform imagination into reality, which is also true with magic. People never forget the magic show they had seen during childhood, no matter how old they get. 

Sydney Magician Julian Bull has been hosting magic shows for all kinds of events like birthdays, weddings, festivals, and corporate functions. If you are wondering why the business sector needs magic, then remember trade shows and magic share the following qualities. 

  • Strategy
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Creating awareness
  • Dissimilarity
  • Connection 

Exhibition magicians know how to reach each kind of demographic differently. Trade booths that implement something out of the box create an everlasting impression on the visitors. 

Why your trade show booth needs an exhibition magician?

To reach a target audience in an entertaining manner

The audience has fun when a professional magician reveals to them the uniqueness and individuality of your brand. It will endorse the positive culture of your business. Exhibitions and trade shows are lengthy and exhausting events that last for 3 to 4 days. Using the skills of a professional magician will make your booth appear dynamic and not monotonous. You gain an amusing edge over your competition in a fun way.

Attract and maintain the crowd

Magic always attracts a crowd and the magician’s rapport helps to relax the visitors by making them laugh. The crowd is curious and in a receptive mood to absorb the message of your brand. The visitors are not just having fun, but even engaging with your business on an emotional level, thus message retention is high. 

Even years after the trade show, they’ll remember your brand and approach when needed. The crowd is attracted and kept at the booth, which allows your sales team to share product details, create awareness and generate sales.

Increase new prospects and generate sales

The presence of a Sydney Magician Show at your trade booth will increase foot traffic naturally. The magician will first do custom magic tricks to grab attention and make the connection. As soon as they got them engaged the tricks will move towards promoting your logo or name in a fun and entertaining way. 

Engage crowds through participation

Magicians are mind readers and can blow the minds of the audience. Strategic marketing is a mind game and is focused on connection. A real connection eliminates obstacles. Magicians are skilled in breaking mental barriers and ideal catalysts for promoting your business. 

After a couple of magic tricks, they can tell who is interested. They invite them to participate, which keeps them inside your booth. Engaging prospects helps in generating sales. The sales team work in sync with the magician and as soon as the performance ends talk to the interested prospects. 

Trade show exposure offers long-term contacts, so use magic as a marketing strategy to offer visitors a worthwhile experience!

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