Family LOL Time! Movies That Make You Smile, And Even Laugh Out Loud

Did you know that Jab We Met ran for more than 100 days at the box office and collected ₹30.85 crores in India and about ₹48.87 crore worldwide? This is what an article on Sacnilk says. Such is the appetite for good Indian movies worldwide. Bollywood has time and again set benchmarks in all the genres, comedy being on top. Here are the top two super hit blockbusters you just can’t miss!

Jab We Met
A warm, fuzzy yet funny love story, Jab Wet Met is an original hindi comedy movie that is the story of a cheerful Bhatinda girl, Geet, who runs into an angry young man, Aditya Kashyap, accidentally on a train. Irritated by Geet’s overenthusiastic personality, Aditya latter tries to avoid her thoroughly. Yet, her charm is so infectious that he eventually embraces the spontaneous and loving nature of the girl, when circumstances force him to go on a long journey with her. 

Aditya wants to end his life after being dumped by his girlfriend. Geet comes in as a saviour and in the process of getting him on to a train, she misses her own. Throughout the movie, you will keep wondering why anyone would do so much for a stranger, but then romantic Bollywood movies are like this only, mind it!

Aditya travels all the way to Bhatinda to drop Geet home and spends a few days with her family. The warmth and open mindedness of the Punjabi culture is highlighted beautifully through Geet’s parents and the rest of her relatives. 

Both Shahid Kapur (Aditya) and Kareena Kapoor (Geet) deliver magical performances, which makes the movie a treat for the eyes. Geet is a character full of fun and mischief and Kareena brings her alive in the best possible way. 

Months after Aditya helped Geet elope, they meet under completely different circumstances and the roles are reversed. This time, it is Aditya who helps Geet rediscover her enthusiasm for life, after being jilted by her boyfriend. 

Jab We Met is one of Imtiaz Ali’s most iconic movies, filled with emotions of love, betrayal, confusion, humour, determination and will power. The movie also has a mix of both soulful and feet tapping songs, which add to the beauty of the overall experience. The chemistry of Shahid and Kareena is heartwarming and sets off a spark that is enough to keep you rooted till the end. If you want to relive the wonderful emotions this movie offers, simply search for Jab We Met full movie online on Viu.

Jab We Met Cast: Shahid Kapur as Aditya Kashyap, Kareena Kapoor as Geet, Saumya Tandon as Roop, Tarun Arora as Anshuman, Dara Singh as Geet’s grandfather.
Jab We Met Full Movie Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes

Phas Gaye Re Obama
Produced by Revel Films and distributed by Warner Bros Pictures, Phas Gaye Re Obama is not the typical Hindi Bollywood comedy movie. This story is about Om Shastri, an NRI from the US, affected by the recession. He visits India to sell his ancestral property in order to clear his debts. 

However, soon he realizes that if he sells off his property, it will leave his relatives homeless. Later, he gets kidnapped by a gang of local goons. Now, the story revolves around whether he will be able to get back to his family in America or keep getting shuffled from one gang of criminals to another. There are a series of funny episodes to keep you chuckling throughout the movie. The strong presence of mind and will that Om has is something worth watching.

The entire movie has terrific performances and strong humour, which makes it stand out from other Bollywood comedy movies. Phas Gaye Re Obama has garnered a lot of positive reviews, with Rajeev Masand calling it a “deliciously smart comedy.” Director Subhash Kapoor has been appreciated by critics for the well written script and for no lack of fun moments and energy throughout the movie.

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you can search Phas Gaye Re Obama full movie online under the Hindi romantic comedy movies on Viu.

Phas Gaye Re Obama Cast: Rajat Kapoor as Om Shashtri, Neha Dhupia as Munni Gangster, Manu Rishi as Anni, Sumeet Nijhawan as Ali, Brijendra Kala as Inspector. 

If you are planning to spend this weekend at home, watch these funny movies for a hearty laugh with your family.

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