Best 8 Sites To Submit To Spotify Playlists

By Amit Sher Contents: OneSubmitMyspheraSoundplateFor The Love Of BandsIndiemonoTunemunkSimon Field If you're a musician or the music industry as a whole, having your music on Spotify playlists might do wonders for your career and the attention it receives. Anyone who wants their music to be noticed by a wider audience...

Five Tips to Keep Your Voice Healthy

In many ways, the vocal cords are the singer's physical instrument. They, like any other instrument, must be maintained before and after performance. If this does not occur, the voice can become fatigued and strained as a result of overuse and extended periods of mistreatment. As a result, it is...

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Guitar Amp

Choosing the perfect guitar amp is a crucial decision for any guitarist. There are many factors to consider, such as the type of music you play, the size and shape of your budget, and how much power you need.  The world of amps can be intimidating at first glance with...
Acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitar Sound Holes and Their Purpose

Have you ever wondered why acoustic guitars have sound holes? Does this construction serve any sonic purpose, or are they just for aesthetic appeal? Let's find out. The soundhole of an acoustic guitar does a lot more than swallowing guitar picks and facilitates how the guitar amplifies sound. It is...
A music teacher giving guitar lessons

A Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Beginners Guitar Lessons

Image Alt Text: A music teacher giving guitar lessons There are several ways to organize a lesson plan for beginners who’ve just started playing the guitar. Regardless of how you teach, the main objective is to keep students excited and motivated. This guide will discuss strategies guitar teachers can use...
Vinyl Records Adelaide

The Popularity Of Vinyl Records Adelaide

Technology is changing everything, including the way we play and listen to music. However, vinyl records Adelaide are still popular. But, you may wonder why they are still famous even after the advent of technologies like CD players, MP3, and other sophisticated merchandise. Here are a few reasons.  Reasons for Continued Popularity...

Best tips for the Spotify promotions

Believe it or not, Spotify has been around since 2006! It feels like I just created my first playlist yesterday. The streaming platform offers many promotional tools to help increase your fan engagement-driven in streams and highly sought after royalties! Every artist dreams of having their music on the official...

Methods for Locating the Best vocal coach

There is no substitute for choosing the perfect vocal coach to cultivate a lifetime love of music and an interest in a specific instrument for yourself or your kid. The teacher must engage on a human level with pupils, establishing an atmosphere of safety, trust, and inspiration where students may...
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