Best Options for the Perfect UAE Concert Ticket Booking

You decided to go to the concert. The problem starts right away with buying a ticket which site to go to is unclear. How to separate the speculator from the non-speculator? And finally what if the tickets run out? Sorry, we started asking questions right away, let’s take it in order.

Let’s. Why is there still no one site where everything is sold at all?

The concert organizer does not sell tickets, he is paid by the ticket agent, who usually receives a monopoly on the sale of tickets for this concert. Most organizers always work with the same agent (at least at the start of sales), so there is no one agent who has tickets for all concerts at once.

Okay, a lot of agents and how to determine which site to go and not stumble upon scammers?

The BookMyShow ticket site is always (or almost always) indicated on the concert posters. But there are a lot of scammers, yes. And if you buy a fake ticket, you will lose money and you won’t get anywhere. It is almost impossible to determine for yourself which ticket is fake, which is not and finding such a snap. Fraudsters buy ads on the Internet and they crawl out at every step.

And what to do?

Do not follow the first links you get. There is such a video when a person walks around the airport and offers everyone air tickets on hand. All, of course, are recoiled from him, as if from an abnormal one. Well, this is no different you don’t buy plane tickets on your own don’t buy them for concerts either. And buying tickets on an incomprehensible site is the same as with hand.

But what if the “official agent” no longer has tickets?

No. Concert tickets are always thrown out in waves. Throwing away tickets correctly is an agent’s talent. The task there is always this: to escalate the hype. That is, always, when buying a ticket, you will see that there are few tickets left. In fact, they will be thrown away until the concert.

And if there really are no more tickets? Go to the speculators?

Not. And the main problem is not even that speculators are more expensive you simply can’t understand whether the speculator is in front of you or a scammer. So with a high degree of probability, you will buy not just a ticket at a high price, but a fake ticket at a high price. This is a black market, there are strict rules (or they simply do not exist).

Do they somehow struggle with speculators?

Not really. There is no particular reason to compete with them the robot makes purchases. Then the speculators stop and normal sales begin.

It’s difficult, just like that, can you not think about it?

You can by buying tickets on Book my show, with whom we made this card. This is an aggregator that collects tickets from almost all well-known agents. So on the Book my show hall scheme, you see ticket quotas for several agents at once. Accordingly, you can choose seats throughout the hall, and not only in the part has that one particular agent sold. At the same time, tickets for Book my show a cost as much as for partners.

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